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Comment: Re:Another Viewpoint (Score 4, Insightful) 545

by metalcoat (#29890387) Attached to: Film Studios May Block DVD Rentals For One Month

Disney's attitude toward digital media has changed a lot for the better since Eisner fucked off out and Steve Jobs became Disneys biggest shareholder after the pixar purchase. ;-)

I seriously hate this crowd, When I was to post something about why doesn't Jobs do something at Disney about DRM, I get modded down for him only owning 7% and has no say in the companies activities. However, when someone tries to put this to Job's name, everyone mods it up as fast as possible. Surely it can't be both ways?

Comment: Re:There Really Are Some Gems in This Article (Score 1) 82

by metalcoat (#27656135) Attached to: Exploring the Current State of Beta Testing
I remember watching a video of the making of Halo 3. Microsoft used a new studio only for beta testing. They used input down to where players were being held up on the missions (can't find where to go to next). They had several instances of issues that I would have never thought about during development. I frequently get held up in games about where to go next but I figured I just wasn't paying attention.

Comment: Re:Please develop Android apps instead (Score 1) 230

by metalcoat (#27373915) Attached to: iPhone App Refund Policies Could Cost Devs
Yes, but the downside here (and several other locations) is that At&t and Verizon are the only providers and you can not become a subscriber to T-Mobile or other carriers do to them not covering the area. Just a little background: Both carriers here offer their 3g services and the closest T-Mobile is 2 1/2 hours away. Unless anyone knows a way around this I will ditch Verizon.

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