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Submission The MOOCs Continue, This Time in SciFi/Fantasy Writing.... 3

An anonymous reader writes: Inexplicably, the MOOC era shows no signs of abating. Beginning June 3 two MOOCs in Science Fiction and Fantasy will begin. The first, coming from well known MOOC provider Coursera, will be taught by University of Michigan professor Eric Rabkin, and will focus on a historical and psychological analysis of the genre, while the second will come from the university creative writing class of NYT bestselling author Brandon Sanderson, best known for his completion of the Wheel of Time book franchise. If this trend keeps up, maybe we can cross our fingers for a MOOC on screen writing from Joss Whedon soon...

Comment License Incompatibility (Score 2, Insightful) 117

Ben makes an excellent point in saying that "the NC license is incompatible with strong copyleft licenses such as the GFDL used by Wikipedia," because this is true. And the Wikipedia's GFDL is incompatible with the CC By-SA license used by Wikieducator. And Wikieducator's CC By-SA license is incompatible with the CC By-NC-SA used by MIT OpenCourseWare. And MIT OCW's CC By-NC-SA is incompatible with GFDL used by Wikiversity. And Wikiversity's GFDL is incompatible with the CC By-SA licensed images on Flickr. The higher-level point is that "copyleft" clauses (which require that derivatives be licensed with ~exactly~ the same license) are the biggest legal problem with open textbooks and open educational resources generally. Every copylefted open educational resource is incompatible with every other copylefted open educational resource with a different license.

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