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Comment Re:New age ideas, old age greed (Score 2) 307

Also, wait, so the company wants me to integrate my life with it? To spend my creativity and excitement for things...there? No. How about you give me money, and I will use that money to be creative about the things I want to be creative about. Which, by the by, do not have anything to do with selling shoes.

This might work in some kind of post-scarcity society where people are working on projects they explicitly want to work on, and need a way to organize. But even on Star Trek, ya know, I would still "self-organize" to establish a system with a captain of the ship so when the Romulans are attacking and hard decisions must be made we're not running our battle plans through committee.

But for selling shoes? No.

Comment Re:Popcorn ? (Score 1) 681

What's truly popcorn-worthy is the SJW infighting that inevitably comes later. You've got the equality feminists and the third-wave feminists and the radfems and the trans-exclusive radfems and on and on and on.

I use the People's Distribution of SJLinux, but cannot stand those splitters who make the SJLinux People's Distribution, the SJLinux Popular People's Distribution, the Distribution for a Free SJLinux, or the Popular Distribution of SJLinux!

Comment Re:Hmmmm (Score 1) 917

Ha! Or maybe Labix?

No, forking is fine. But I wouldn't say "obligated to sympathize." You have to have a good reason, or else you risk splitting a community and killing both projects. Obviously you're not going to kill Linux, but I think there's a difference between "I want this program to do something different, so I'm going to pick up my own version over here and anybody who wants to can join me" and "stop working with that other person and start working with me." Particular when your reasons are personal and political, not functional or technical. At that point I would feel obliged to speak against it, because I think the results would be objectively worse.

Comment Re:Hmmmm (Score 1) 917

Thing is you can't fire Linus from Linux. The only way to do that would be to fork it yourself and then get all the maintainers to follow your roadmap instead. Good freaking luck. And if you try to make it a social crusade, yeah, sorry, you may not feminize the Linux kernel. I see a meme of Captain Picard from First Contact. "This far, and no farther!"

Comment Re:Can't Take the Heat........? (Score 1) 917

You're only looking at the worst examples. It usually works like this:

Linus: "Hey there's a bug in the patch you submitted. Please fix it."

(time passes)

Linus: "Hey! That bug is still there! Breaking shit! FIX IT!"

(time passes)

Linus: "You fucking shit bag! What the fuck is wrong with you fix the goddamn bug!"

"Oh no muh feels linus so mean :("

The dude writes a million emails month. Exceedingly few of them are nasty, and when they are, there is good reason.

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