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Comment Re:Not as easy as it seems (Score 1) 131

I would say, "by consensus". Remember, this has to all be done in a completely open and transparent manner, otherwise, people will misbehave... Say for example, I am a post doc in high energy physics. I ask to join the high energy physics comment thread and then the incumbents on the thread discuss my qualifications to be permitted to join. Assuming I have established a reputation among my colleagues, then I am allowed to post to the thread. Remember, even the public thread for this discipline while overwhelmed with thousands upon thousands of comments from the general public could relatively easily be scanned for relevant comments and these given scrutiny... This idea runs counter to the narcissistic and sophomoric attitudes of many of the super educated elites and so will be met with intense resistance. They like the current air of exclusivity. This is all well and good until they run out of other peoples money... ;-D

Comment Re:Not as easy as it seems (Score 1) 131

I envision a two tiered scheme where there is a sort of fast track for established researchers in the relevant field and an open venue for everybody. Filtering heuristics are good and getting better. These could be used to weed out most of the spam and trolls... The important point is anybody and everybody can get access to the research and analyse it themselves... We paid for it, it's ours!!!

Comment Re:Not as easy as it seems (Score 1) 131

Since when is an editor in some bullshit journal a "peer" in the review process. This is a scam from start to finish. Put the papers out on the web and you have 14.4 billion eyeballs scanning them. The chances are pretty good that someone will notice if there is a problem. ALL publicly funded rsh should be in the public domain...and that includes datasets.

Comment Re:Cherthoff is a goddamned criminal. (Score 1) 82

Tell me you nasty little troll, does your technology come with a "user's guide"? Well, our republic comes with one too. (I will note here, one that can be edited...). History teches that when you ignore the rules of operation, things break. In case you haven't noticed, there is a socio-economic shitstorm brewing on the horizon, and it's your pathetic stinking "great society" buddies that are whipping it up. Go find a rock and crawl back under it...

Comment Re:WTF is Next (Score 1) 167

You just hit the nail right on the head. The "real" terrorists are the TLAs. History clearly shows that governments are the most prolific torturers and abusers. The State is using every tool at it's (shall we say, overly generous) disposal to keep us cowed. Foreign terrorists are a bogeyman. The "real" target of .gov's anti-terrorist activities are the citizens of the United States. Welcome to "The Great Society".

Comment Re:We? (Score 1) 197

The MIC (Military Industrial Complex) Surely, they won't attempt to pervert AI for their dubious programs... orrr, the DHS (Dept. of Homeland Security). Nope, those guys all have our best interests in their benevolent hearts. If we are to have an honest and real good come from AI then it would be an incorruptible policeman a la Gort from the day the Earth Stood Still. Iff we can pull that one off, then humanity has a chance.

Comment The nanobots are chewing on my butt... (Score 0) 62

Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated. As is well understood, homo sapiens has a great propensity for perversion. Like all the amazing technologies being created, this too will be used as a tool for the fearful and greedy. Christos aneste,,,

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