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Comment: Re:The systemd issue may give a clue... (Score 1) 716

by messymerry (#49055227) Attached to: Is Modern Linux Becoming Too Complex?
Thanks for the reply. That was a good (long) article. I think I will just take a "wait and see" attitude on systemd for the time being. I am very frustrated by software bloat especially in the browser arena. Also, the dumbing down of user facing software and hiding of controls is very frustrating and somewhat disheartening. This activity serves only to benefit the elites by making it harder to ascertain when inappropriate activities are being conducted. I sincerely hope the Linux community corrects it's trajectory on this and chooses not to participate in this 21st century IT insult. Lots of lip service is given to transparency while at the same time hiding everything that is not nailed down.

Comment: Hmmm, what about management??? (Score 5, Insightful) 262

by messymerry (#48947655) Attached to: Comcast Employees Change Customer Names To 'Dummy' and Other Insults
I would like to suggest that the lower level employees are merely aping the culture of management. We have a global epidemic of bad corporate manners and of course, occasionally evidence of these bad manners will leak out. All of this can be chronicled back to when they bifurcated the client base into "customers" and "consumers". Customers get helped, consumers get slapped around, called names, and abused. Just sayin'''

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