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Comment Re:Predictable responses (Score 0) 166

AC: You write a good post. I would mod you up for it, but you don't want to take credit for your work. That's chickenshit. Good for growing vegetables, but not much more... We are poisoning our environment in countless ways. This is but one of them. A big shout out to all you good corporations and government overlords for being so caring about your "CUSTOMERS"!!!

Comment Re:Didn't generalize sufficiently (Score 1) 330

BINGO sjbe! Air conditioning is by far the most disruptive of the technologies of the last century. What happened when we could cool out houses? (besides much higher electric bills???) What happened was we closed our window and doors. Then the curtains soon followed and there we were cut off from our neighbors and friends by that seductive cool air. When we closed our windows and doors and curtains, we lost the community connection and neuroses and paranoia began to exert their negative influence, thus hastening the disintegration of our social fabric. Hands down, air conditioning is the most disruptive technology of the last century.

Comment Re:Wow... (Score 0) 267

Yes, and rightfully so. M$ has done some truly awful things, like willfully and maliciously trying to get people to format ext drives when they are plugged into windows machines. Furthermore, after my experience trying to load LInux on the ASUS X205-TA, I will never ever do business with ASUS again. ASUS, I hope you enjoy being M$'s bitch. My clients will get other manufacturers machines. M$ is nothing more than a big bloated infantile thuggish brat. A Baby Huey if I may say so. Without big Govt. and Big Business support, they would shrivel up and blow away. I fired M$ in 2006 and never looked back. The devil had to enlarge the 9th level of hell to accomodate the whore M$ and all her sycophants.

Comment Re:Not as easy as it seems (Score 1) 131

I would say, "by consensus". Remember, this has to all be done in a completely open and transparent manner, otherwise, people will misbehave... Say for example, I am a post doc in high energy physics. I ask to join the high energy physics comment thread and then the incumbents on the thread discuss my qualifications to be permitted to join. Assuming I have established a reputation among my colleagues, then I am allowed to post to the thread. Remember, even the public thread for this discipline while overwhelmed with thousands upon thousands of comments from the general public could relatively easily be scanned for relevant comments and these given scrutiny... This idea runs counter to the narcissistic and sophomoric attitudes of many of the super educated elites and so will be met with intense resistance. They like the current air of exclusivity. This is all well and good until they run out of other peoples money... ;-D

Comment Re:Not as easy as it seems (Score 1) 131

I envision a two tiered scheme where there is a sort of fast track for established researchers in the relevant field and an open venue for everybody. Filtering heuristics are good and getting better. These could be used to weed out most of the spam and trolls... The important point is anybody and everybody can get access to the research and analyse it themselves... We paid for it, it's ours!!!

Comment Re:Not as easy as it seems (Score 1) 131

Since when is an editor in some bullshit journal a "peer" in the review process. This is a scam from start to finish. Put the papers out on the web and you have 14.4 billion eyeballs scanning them. The chances are pretty good that someone will notice if there is a problem. ALL publicly funded rsh should be in the public domain...and that includes datasets.

Comment Re:Cherthoff is a goddamned criminal. (Score 1) 82

Tell me you nasty little troll, does your technology come with a "user's guide"? Well, our republic comes with one too. (I will note here, one that can be edited...). History teches that when you ignore the rules of operation, things break. In case you haven't noticed, there is a socio-economic shitstorm brewing on the horizon, and it's your pathetic stinking "great society" buddies that are whipping it up. Go find a rock and crawl back under it...

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