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by messymerry (#47499985) Attached to: New York Judge OKs Warrant To Search Entire Gmail Account

What? ...and we are supposed to honor this barbaric relic called a constitution. It's more fun to make shit up as you go. The State is full to overflowing with people that get their jollies looking in other people's medicine cabinets and underwear drawers. The Internet is the dream of the Stasi.

+ - What Does The Future Hold For Cloud Computing?

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Positive reports of increasing levels of cloud adoption in the UK were plentiful in the technology media in the first half of 2014. The majority of coverage indicates that growing numbers of businesses are embracing the technology’s many benefits – such as cost and time savings – and this mirrors our own intelligence. However, amongst the positivity remain concerns about security, with discussions surrounding the storage of, and access to, sensitive data remaining ever-present. While education remains an issue that needs to be addressed, one must consider the current landscape and cloud computing’s future prospects."

Comment: This is sad. (Score 1) 401

by messymerry (#47470299) Attached to: Comcast Customer Service Rep Just Won't Take No For an Answer
I reviewed as many comments as I could stand and it seems that a common solution is to "lie through your teeth". Is this really what the conduct of what should be routine business come to? It's no wonder there is no trust in the world anymore. This will be our undoing. It may actually turn out that AI instead of offing us may be our salvation. Welcome home Gort...

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by messymerry (#47447049) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: Do You Want a Smart Watch?
What I want in a smartwatch is to be able to stream video of the cops whenever they are harrassing me or anyone else for that matter. Stream to a secure server in the cloud via my phone if necessary. It would be nice to have a video camers (a useful video camera) sitting on my wrist all the time... OBTW: If any of you thieving manufacturers decide to steal my idea (like that never happens on the internet), then please send me a dozen of your top of the line units for my trouble.

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