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Comment I stopped at... (Score 5, Insightful) 143

I stopped reading at (...and the costs of Vladimir Putin's imperial adventures in the Ukraine and Syria). Can we please stop with the propaganda pieces. I have much to do and don't want to have to look at ideological crap on /. Ok, rant off. FWIW, I think a permanent moon base should be very high on the priority list. It matters not to me who actually builds it. Chinese, Russian, EU,,, it doesn't matter.

Comment Re:Consider the use (Score 1) 935

The gun question can be answered pretty simply and within reasonable bounds of the constitution: The people should be able to arm themselves to the level of the *****CIVILIAN POLICE******. So, whatever the oinkers can have, we can have too. Where they can carry, we can carry too. ...and we DON'T need their permission to keep and bear arms.

Comment Re:Last laptop (Score 2) 314

I'm right with you on that. Also, I have been using LXLE on a netbook and I like that very much too. Dear M$, No need to monitor all that silly data. It always takes 40% longer to do anything on Windows than it does on Linux. Mostly because I am constantly having to futz around making the OS work. Go to the corner of the room, curl up into a fetal position, and cry your eyes out. Ura Loser.

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