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User Journal

Journal: Broken finger :(

Journal by messiertom
Broke me finger breaking up a pass in football, pictures up soon maybe. It's a real pain in the arse typing and writing (the middle finger on my writing hand broke :() But, on the positive side I can flick people off and have a decent excuse for it :) (the finger is held up in a splint atm)
User Journal

Journal: So I sez to Mabel I sez...

Journal by messiertom

"Don't read this!"

Yes, that's right. That's the message on a sign, in my school. When I find my dig. camera, I'll take a snapshot of it and post it somewhere.

User Journal

Journal: Robotics Team

Journal by messiertom

So I made the robotics team at my high school (w00t)... but a rather humourous incident occured as to my confirmation:

The robotics instructor first of all, misspelled my e-mail address when he sent out the mass e-mail to all of the people who made the team (changed the .net to .com). This happened to a friend of mine too.

Luckily, a mutual friend had his e-mail addy spelled correctly, and he forwarded the mail to myself and my other friend. I mailed the instructor with my real e-mail address.

Here's a portion of my signature:

I am the "ILOVEGNU" signature virus. Just copy me to your signature.
This email was infected under the terms of the GNU General Public

Here's what I got back from the instructor:


                Sorry for the mixup, glad someone forwarded you the message. What is
this "ILOVEGNU" virus things on the bottom of the message you sent me?

                Mr. E.

I'm beginning to have doubts as to how informed this guy really is...

You can not win the game, and you are not allowed to stop playing. -- The Third Law Of Thermodynamics