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Comment Re:45 million? Tha's all? (Score 3, Informative) 154

Ummm... sequestration did not work, and was not the massive deterrent that it was made out to be. Pure pork programs like the F-35 were completely untouched. The only consistent aspect of sequestration was that federal employees (common people, not the asshats in congress) took a 5-10% paycut.

Comment Re:It's all politics, all the time (Score 1, Flamebait) 347

She did nothing wrong, unless you mean violating public policy in a very obscure and debatable loophole fashion.. So yeah, technically they are the same issue, since no laws covered the private nixon recordings as well.

Sorry, but if any "normal" government employee pulled the same crap as Hillary, they would not be allowed to see daylight for years. Like or hate her, we should not reward her disregard for US law by making her the executor of those laws.

Comment Re:More info (Score 2) 403

I run gentoo for my home server so that I don't have to worry about a major upgrade every few years. That "package churn" is what happens when you want the latest code running the latest fixes.

Yeah, some of the upgrades get dicey, but I laid out my current root filesystem in 2008, and haven't reinstalled anything since. Yes, every once in a while I need to spend a weekend fixing package collisions, but that is the ticket I paid for when I chose not to use a package based distro.

So in a nutshell, Gentoo will nickle and dime you to death to keep current, where RHEL/Ubuntu will combine all of that fun into a a few days every 2-3 years.

Comment Re:Haters Making Much of Nothing ... (Score 1) 189

So what would call someone like me, who isn't a "hater", but is sorely frustrated that we are weeks from release and so far we have none of the features we were sold on.

You call out Hit Detection as a bug, but you missed some pretty significant bugs:
1 - Movement / stuck on terrain. Getting stuck on cigarette butts is getting old
2 - Heat. PGI has severely mismanaged the heat system due to a lack of understanding of the IP they bought.
3 - Built in Comms.
4 - Community anything. A lobby? anything?
5 - Jump Jets. No ability to add directional movement, just up/down and coasting if your moving before jump. Defeats the purpose of sitting behind a terrain feature, jetting up and over and raping your opponents back armor.
6 - NO REPAIR / REARM - this pretty much removed the ability to constrain resources. Want to reduce the prevelance of AC/40's, reduce AC /20 ammo stocks or jack the price up like the XL engines.
7 - HSR / hit detection. I play a spider, and I get tired of being hit by rounds that go wide away from but HSR decides that the shooter's screen is the authority.
  (I play a spider because it is about the only mech that I can play a "phoenix hawk" type of role. The blackjack was a horrible implementation of that role)
8 - game modes.
9 - Terra Therma - the pinnacle of PGI demonstrating the complete lack of testing / program management.

Of course the biggest issue, PGI basically completely reversing decisions on things like 3PV. The outrage has been turned into "haters" on 3PV thanks to PGI spin. The reality is, this is the most measurable aspect of the community realizing that PGI is unable/incapable of delivering on the originally advertised game by "release in september."

Submission PDFCreator: malware and alternatives->

An anonymous reader writes: Recently some friends reported me that they had malware installed by PDFCreator. At first I didn't believe them, but even the official forum confirms it. Although the authors of the software say the installation asks for permission, I cannot recommend this kind of software to anyone. Now I'm looking for alternatives. Which free software would you recommend? What do you think of the tactic of using toolbars, spyware and other suspicious extras coupled with open-source software installations?
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