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Comment: B5 (Score 1) 922

by merikari (#30730186) Attached to: What SciFi Should Get the Reboot Treatment Next?

Yeah, B5. The star is getting dim...

The spinoffs and TV movies were for the most part horrible, but I think the universe has a lot of potential. Not sure if JMS would be interested or up to the job. He is not that old... 56, but still. Some bold casting decisions, good writing, a budget, and a studio that gives creative freedom to the team. Ok... nevermind...

Comment: Military Museum in Helsinki (Score 1) 284

by merikari (#26691511) Attached to: In Finland, Nokia May Get Its Own Snooping Law

I'd love to get to come to Finland some day and see some of the memorials and museums related to the Winter and Continuation Wars. Where would you suggest I go?

National Defense University has a military museum right in Helsinki Probably a good place to start.

There's a museum of military medicine in Lahti (about 45 minutes from Helsinki by train). I don't know how accessible that is to foreigners though since it's situated at the local barracks in Hennala.

Finland has a lot of museums per capita, so there are plenty of places to go if you really want go around. There are plenty of memorials around Finland. You could also visit some actual battle sites and fortifications along the border. It's not too far from Helsinki...

Comment: Yet another holodeck malfunction? (Score 1) 234

by merikari (#22752384) Attached to: An AI 4-Year-Old In Second Life
Who are these people? It sounds like they might as well be running this from mom's basemenent, but obviously they have never watched an episode of ST:TNG. Seriously, if anything, that series taught us that a holodeck is *the* most dangerous things you can have on a starship... and they had antimatter and Wesley Crusher.

Censoring a Number 1046

Posted by kdawson
from the you-can't-copyright-that dept.
Rudd-O writes "Months after successful discovery of the HD-DVD processing key, an unprecedented campaign of censorship, in the form of DMCA takedown notices by the MPAA, has hit the Net. For example Spooky Action at a Distance was killed. More disturbingly, my story got Dugg twice, with the second wave hitting 15,500 votes, and today I found out it had simply disappeared from Digg. How long until the long arm of the MPAA gets to my own site (run in Ecuador) and the rest of them holding the processing key? How long will we let rampant censorship go on, in the name of economic interest?" How long before the magic 16-hex-pairs number shows up in a comment here?

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