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Comment: Liability insurance is a major factor (Score 1) 473

by meridien (#46214999) Attached to: Ugly Trends Threaten Aviation Industry
I was a flight instructor - single engine, instrument, multi engine, instrument, commercial, flight instructor, and advanced ground instructor. I LOVED to teach flying. I owned several airplanes, both in partnerships and by myself. As others have said, it ain't cheap. I did some digging when I was considering buying a new twin (a few years ago), and one thing absolutely astounded me. MOST of the cost of a new airplane was in manufacturer's liability insurance for airplanes made in years past. We've all heard the stories - a SEL rated pilot takes off in weather that turns into IMC. The pilot crashes into the side of a mountain because he lost control of the aircraft. The FAA says the cause of the crash was "operation above the pilot's experience / rating". Truly sad. This is what claimed the life of JFK's son a few years ago. But the civil jury found the manufacturer liable because the aircraft broke up upon impact, and awarded a huge sum. This is the problem - manufacturers find it difficult to improve a design, because every improvement can be considered an admission that the previous version was flawed. I have some great memories of my Dad and I flying in my 1941 Taylorcraft. The seat was a sling of canvas between 2 boards. No electrical system. Just seat-of-the-pants flying, navigating by following the roads below, and finding a restaurant serving great pancakes and bacon. it's truly sad that the lawyers and large jury awards have almost completely killed general aviation. I certainly hope they're sleeping well at night.

Comment: not that simple (Score 3, Interesting) 271

by meridien (#36959538) Attached to: Use Your Car To Power Your House
When the mains power is out (such as a storm or auto accident), the crews working on the problem will have the power for that grid shut off so that they can work safely. Any properly installed standby generator will have a solenoid that disconnects the house from the mains while the generator is supplying power. This is REQUIRED by national electrical code. Imagine the lineman's surprise when he touches wires that are disconnected from the generating station and SHOULD BE CARRYING NO CURRENT but are powered because some nimrod connected a standby system improperly. Not good.

Comment: Oh, get it. Insightful was sarcasm. (Score 1) 662

by meridien (#18289196) Attached to: Five Things You Can't Discuss about Linux
This nimrod lost what little credibility he had by trumpeting the virtues of SCOX's multiple lawsuits to anyone that wouuld listen. Well, time has demonstrated that he has a grasp only on his XXXXX, and certainly not anything else even remotely related to the Linux development community. This should be filed under - has-been-tech-writer-that-lost-all-credibility-by- quoting-false-press-releases-as-truth-briefly-craw ls-out-from-under-the-rock dept.

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