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Australian Police Spying On Web, Phone Usage With No Warrants 78

New submitter i-reek writes "Australian police, along with government agencies, are accessing phone and internet account information, outward and inward call details, phone and internet access location data, and details of IP addresses visited of Australian citizens, all without judicial warrants . In the last two years, some states have shown an increase of more than 50 per cent in these surveillance authorizations, which can be granted by senior police officers and officials instead of a magistrate or judge."

Comment Re:Americans are generally psychotic (Score 1) 542

Here is my tinfoil hat statement: Al Jazeera has become quite different over the last 24 months. I believe this is an attempt to start a media campain by big brother media to negate the rise in people reporting remote neural monitoring and synthetic telepathy cases which are meant to mimic the symptoms of psychosis. They are using Al Jazeera as "people trust al jazeera" to not be a puppet of big media which I now suspect they are.

Comment Re:Yay we "won" (Score 1) 456

Fear of our privacy? Privacy is gone already, for some unlucky few completely. Tried posting this up at where a few others were mentioning they are aware of remote neural monitoring. Unfortunately it is real and affect more and more people.
The best description of what it is like I have found here:
Start from “Reported mind control symptoms and descriptions include”
I will paste snips below for your enjoyment (ones that I personal identify with strongly):

Victims are subjected to various kinds of harassment and torture, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, for years on end.

Sometimes victims describe seeing the images of projected holograms. Thoughts can be read. Most victims describe a phenomenon they call “street theater.”

Note: for me street theatre only happened at the start to make me convinced everyone knew I was this person like that dumb movie where everyone watches your life. Took me some time to figure out the truth.

Implanted thoughts and visions are common.

Note: this is only happening to me recently, but I find these easy to identify and they only happen when I am in bed at home (in a place easy for them to control my surroundings)

Microwave hearing, known to be an unclassified military capability of creating voices in the head, is regularly reported.

Wrenching of house/building structures cause loud snapping or crackling noises, often heard at precisely the point where a victim is starting to doze off to sleep.

Note: used to stop you getting sleep or wake you up to limit your sleep and the main mode of torment they use on you once you realise what is going on and can somewhat defend your self mentally from the other attacks

Victims regularly report many types of bizarre and harassive remote manipulation of electrical equipment, phone, car, TV, and computers.

Note: I’ve found it takes them around 2 weeks to make a new modified version of any electronics I buy that assist me in trying to prove they are doing this unless I carry them on me 24 hours a day (such as mp3 player to play soft music while i sleep and a second to record any strange noises)

Hard to believe I know. Consider that the technology you see mostly is what is cheap enough to be consumerable... and that the secret state is somewhere from 10 to 25 years ahead of "known" science in these fields...

Comment Voicebox Tapping (Score 1) 295

I think it is possible that one of the first "brain hacking" technologies will actually be to do with the voicebox as this will likely be simpler than working out different peoples brain structures.
Everyones voicebox works essentially the same and when thinking words signals are sent to the voicebox that are the same as but not as strong as the sigtnals used to cause speech.
Nasa already have this working for astronauts for speechless communication in space. See here
I think technologies to be able to monitor human thought to be quite scarey and quite useful at the same time. A device that could be placed inside someones throat and self powered somehow may be a deffinate big brother style thing, but it would be great to see this used for good purposes such as monitoring what politicians think when creating laws in parliment.
It just depends on the application.

Comment Rebuke the M$ sales man with what they might buy (Score 1) 674

Considering they are coming from an uninformed "I will believe the big company when it speaks" paradigm, you could come back with "Well, you may want to consider that Cisco Intrusion Detection Systems have been based on Linux for years and they have even started using Linux for the OS for thier Firewalls and new switches, as well as the Opensource Antivirus ClamAV as part of the Desktop security solution 'Cisco Security Agent'".... While the statements itself say nothing regarding the security of these products it certainly is attacking the mindset of the purchasing goons for your company with something they will relate to. Disclaimer: Yes I do work for Cisco.

Comment Blue Pill (Score 1) 105

I believe this is based on the Blue Pill attack (from the same person) which essentially is a hypervisor that mimics the underlying system to gain access to the encryption keys. The flaws in the attack are that it is complicated to fully mimic the underlying hardware in software, the main drawback being that the timings by the hardware would be out due to the software hypervisor layer and this may be detected by the underlying OS or software running underneath the hypervisor. However it may be possible to write a hypervisor that takes all things into account but this would be quite an extensive task. ie. it is quite complicated to do properly but fesible (from what I have read). Mimicing the underlying system and the software interface to this via a hypervisor would allow access to the encryption keys. The article says basically "this is first stage attack, will produce stage 2 when intel responds to this" so they obviously have not completed the extensive programming task to take all things into account. Intel have known about this issue for some time as I asked one of their lead engineers the question a few months back if Trusted Execution was known to be totally secure and he basically said that theoritically it could be broken and told me to google "blue pill".

Oprah Sued For Infringing "Touch and Feel" Patent 249

I Don't Believe in Imaginary Property writes "Oprah Winfrey, or to be more precise, Oprah's Book Club, is being sued by the inventor/patent attorney Scott C. Harris for infringing upon his patent for 'Enhancing Touch and Feel on the Internet.' So Oprah's Book Club is now one of many people and entities being sued over this patent because they allow people to view part, but not all, of a book online before purchasing it. Mr. Harris also sued Google Books for infringing upon this patent. He actually was fired from his position as partner at Fish & Richardson for that, because Google is a client of that law firm and they had conflict of interest rules to uphold." It would be entertaining to see Oprah give very wide and mainstream publicity to the abuses enabled by our current patent system.

Update: 01/07 22:03 GMT by KD : The blog author Joe Mullin wrote to point out that the lawsuit was not filed by the inventor, Scott C. Harris, but rather by the shell company Illinois Computer Research, which seems to exist for the purpose of filing lawsuits based on this particular patent.

Submission + - Flying saucer patent

meridian writes: "An aerospace engineering professor from University of Florida, Subrata Roy, has patented a method for a Flying Sauce (ScienceDaily). It has no moving parts so is considered highly reliable and works using magnetohydrodynamics which involves magnetic fields passing over conductive liquid and forming plasma on electrodes covering the flying saucers surface causing air to circulate around the device and produce lift. NASA has expressed an interest in licensing this technology."

Submission + - Human's defense against Bacteria made artifically

meridian writes: "A biochemist at the University of Pennsylvania has synthesized the primary mechanism used by the human immune system to destroy bacteria, reports New Scientist, and is commericalising it with a new company Polymedix. They are able to synthesize the part of the peptide Defensin that is used by macrophages after engulfing bacteria to create pores in bacteria's membrane to allow the macrophage to digest the bacterias contents.

Once bacteria evolve immunity to a antibiotic mechanism they pass this on to other species of bacteria by swapping plasmids. It was recently suggested that bacteria that infect humans have been passed their immunity from harmless bacteria that live in the soil (sciencemag subscription required), as many of these have already evolved mechanisms of defense against antibiotics and that the release of antibiotics into the environment is one thing contributing to the development of superbugs.

I am not aware of any antibiotics that use this same mechanism and all seem to target various pathways within the bacteria itself (see here for some examples). Is the new product to be trialled soon by Polymedix a new wonder drug or the first step in bacteria evolving immunity to our last layer of defense, our body's natural mechanism for destroying them?"

Bogus Experts Fight Your Right To Broadband 378

An anonymous reader writes, "Karl Bode of Broadband Reports takes aim at supposed telecom experts and think tankers who profess to love the 'free market,' but want to ban the country's un-wired towns and cities from offering broadband to their residents. If you didn't know, incumbent providers frequently determine towns and cities unprofitable to serve (fine), but then turn around and lobby for laws that make it illegal to serve themselves (not so fine). They then pay experts to profess their love for a free market and deregulation — unless that regulation helps their bottom line. A simple point: 'Strange how such rabid fans of a free-market wouldn't be interested in allowing market darwinism to play out.'"

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