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Comment: Re:Thank you Einstein (Score 1) 412

by mentaldrano (#27378789) Attached to: Why Toddlers Don't Do What They're Told

It is certainly possible to learn parenting from others with experience, as a new parent I've gotten shedloads of really bad advice from friends and family. It doesn't help that fourteen is considered a good age to have a child around here (Albuquerque, New Mexico).

This idea that the village (or other group) should collectively have a say in how I raise my daughter is crap. They can HELP by providing a safe environment now and role models later, but I rely much more on my pediatrician and mother for sound advice. My mom raised someone a lot like my kid (me), so she should know!

Comment: Re:Innovation and Risk? (Score 1) 227

by mentaldrano (#27196849) Attached to: How the Economy Is Changing Clean Energy

Radioactive waste reprocessing necessarily implies shipping waste around the country to reprocessing plants. As it is, the problem of waste shipment has not been solved even for disposal, much less there-and-back-again for reprocessing. The big political hurdle to building breeder reactors actually is not where to site them (though that's troublesome too), but how to connect them.

IIRC President Carter proposed a nationwide rail network exclusively for radioactives. That's how ridiculous the problem is.

Comment: Re:Is there anything the RIAA can do? (Score 1) 309

by mentaldrano (#26688459) Attached to: Will the New RIAA Tactic Boost P2P File Sharing?

Take it one farther: how many people are willing to do numerical analysis for any amount of money? What concrete benefit does a company reap for having this analysis done? Basically, divide benefit by supply to arrive at the salary.

That's why the average salary for programmers ballooned (companies realized the huge benefits) then sank (clueless trade-school graduates crashed the party).

Replying to the grandparent, if your culture (whereever you are) truly values great children's theater, you should have no trouble paying for it. e.g. every cathedral ever built. Don't bitch, donate or raise funds!

Comment: Re:Critical (Score 1) 611

by mentaldrano (#26354593) Attached to: Distributed "Nuclear Batteries" the New Infrastructure Answer?

Yes, nasty chemicals are involved in the manufacture of current solar panels (hydrofluoric acid, silane, phosgene, and others). However, don't neglect the fact that uranium refining and reprocessing generate huge amounts of low-level radioactive waste. Toxic chemicals can be reacted and neutralized, but radioactives must be quarantined for many years (hundreds, in some cases).

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