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Comment I might be getting old (Score 0, Redundant) 298

I might be getting old and grumpy, or it may be the effect of a sixpack or two, or it might be my NoScript allowing Slashdot only, but I came here to whine about "News for nerds, stuff that matters" asking myself why the filesystem-check does this matter for nerds.

To make a good whiney comment, with citations and all, I looked for the slogan on the front page, but... colour [I learned English from a Brit, sue me, Arbeit macht mich frei] me surprised!

At first I didn't see the connection with using a terrorist attack to push political agendas to whichever side. At second, I didn't see the connection of that attack with news for freaking "nerds". At last, I didn't see the mention of nerds anymore.

Should I walk to the east and board an Elven ship to Valinor, for my time has passed?

Comment Re:Worse than the space station? No. (Score 2) 684

"Yes, in an environment that can sustain life, heading to a place that might have something you want."

Early navigators didn't know that. Ridden by superstitions, doubts, inaccuracies. I've recently visited a -- they say -- size-accurate replica of Pedro Alvares Cabral's caravel. Official history say that he was the first to arrive in Brazil in 1500 A.D., a few years after Columbus's trip in 1492. It's about 100 ft in length (30 meters), and held about 150 men. Columbus's ship were about the same size. In that time, there was no GPS, no radio, no refrigerator, not even an engine. Maps were populated with "here be dragons", "end of the world" and such - today we know it - nonsense.

Today we know exactly what waits for us in Mars: cold; radiation; lack of atmosphere pressure; lack of breathable air; scant natural resources. We know exactly how to go there, and exactly how long it takes. So, is taking humans to Mars really as daunting a task as taking humans from Europe/Africa to the lands on the East?

Comment Re:Worse than the space station? No. (Score 1) 684

This, a thousand times over. Thanks for reminding us of such a basic trait of human nature. Why go to Mars? Why colonize such a wasteland? As wanderers, nomads, explorers, seekers of the unknown, if not for simple instinct or survival like migratory birds/locusts/mammals, then for plain bragging rights, for "glory", to inscribe our names in History, to extend our necks and fulfill our human nature, that so much separates us from the animals! Not because it is easy, said your president a few dacades ago, but because it is hard! Because we FUCKING CAN!

Comment NoScript (Score 5, Informative) 307

NoScript, not AdBlock, takes care of it all for me. I have no issues seeing ads, and sometimes I may even click some of them if they are interesting enough. But Flash ads, those fake CSS/JS popups and those that generally hinder my browsing experience and/or make my browser grind to a halt, well... those are not welcome at all.

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