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Submission + - Microsoft Office to support Open Document Format->

shankar writes: "Microsoft is releasing a free update for Microsoft Office which will give it's customers the ability to open, edit and save documents in Open Document Format(ODF) — the main competitor to the Microsoft Word format. It is said that the decision was made under pressure from European regulators, national standards organizations and its own government clients. With the update, consumers will be able to save text documents in ODF format and adjust Office 2007 settings to automatically save documents in the rival format."
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Submission + - Computers go on sale for the first time in Cuba->

shankar writes: "Cuba's government put desktop computers on sale to the public for the first time Friday, ending a ban on PC sales. Computers have been sold on Cuba's black market for years — at prices comparable to the US$780 (euro505) now seen in the store. But now that computers are available legally, some consumers expect black market prices to fall. Also to add that, except for some trusted officials and state journalists, most Cubans are banned from accessing the Internet at home. So many of these new computers may never be connected to the Web."
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Submission + - Open-Source, Multitouch Display->

shankar writes: "Engineers at Eyebeam, an art and technology center based in New York, have created a scaled-down open-source version of Surface, called Cubit. By sharing the Cubit's hardware schematics and software source code, the engineers are significantly reducing the cost of owning a multitouch table. But they're also fostering innovation by giving engineers an open platform on which to develop novel multitouch applications — something that they've previously lacked."
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Submission + - OLPC Nepal developers localize XO overnight!->

memshankar writes: "Localization had never been fun like this. OLPC Nepal's developers celebrated Holi (festival of colors), stayed overnight, and translated OLPC XO into Nepali language by morning!

This developers' get-together was a part of Translation Nite-out — an 24 hour event organized to complete OLPC XO localization."

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Submission + - Richard Stallman on OLPC-> 1

memshankar writes: "In an interview while he was in Hyderabad, India RMS praises for the One Laptop Per Child Project. He is even contemplating making a switch to XO, the flagship machine of the project, from his "old thinkpad". Stallman went on to say that the OLPC laptop has given people a way to use the free BIOS. He is, however dissatisfied with the wireless networking system used in the XO."
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