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Comment: Re:Don't you wish some of those slain had firearms (Score 1) 1350

by melted (#48760797) Attached to: Gunmen Kill 12, Wound 7 At French Magazine HQ

I dunno. I would, even if I was a hippie treehugger creative type. There was a fatwa on their head. That means a dude with a Kalashnikov would eventually come. So instead of filming from their cell phone, the person who filmed how the policeman was executed in cold blood could open fire. This was in broad daylight, and buildings were full of people. I would totally fuck them up if I had my gun on me in that situation.

Comment: Just so you know, (Score 3, Insightful) 573

by melted (#48747923) Attached to: Gun Rights Hacktivists To Fab 3D-Printed Guns At State Capitol

It's already illegal for a felon to have a weapon, and it's already illegal for anyone to use a weapon in the commission of a crime (and last I checked, shooting people _not_ in self defense is still a crime in this country). So your lawmaking escapade seems to be a little misplaced.

Comment: As Putin once joked... (Score 1) 573

by melted (#48747813) Attached to: Gun Rights Hacktivists To Fab 3D-Printed Guns At State Capitol

"If a grandma had genitals of a man, she would be a grandpa". While I do think that carrying firearms onto the plane is a bad idea, in a critical situation like this, I'd rather a couple of folks on the plane had firearms or weapons of some sort. At the very least the pilots, and maybe some of the other staff.

Comment: Smoothbore firearms are already easy to make (Score 2) 573

by melted (#48747773) Attached to: Gun Rights Hacktivists To Fab 3D-Printed Guns At State Capitol

All you need is a length of steel pipe, a nail, a piece of wood, and a few other things that you can purchase at your local Home Depot for like 20 bucks. Just search for "pipe shotgun" on Youtube or Google. The "3D printing" makes for a good clickbait headline, but if you want a serviceable weapon, the $20 Home Depot Special is actually a better option, because it's more powerful and it won't blow up in your face.

Comment: Re:They won't build shit (Score 1) 83

by melted (#48693871) Attached to: Russia Plans To Build World First DNA Databank of All Living Things

What's unique to Russia is the sheer scale and brazenness of theft. No one is even trying to hide it, and it goes all the way to the top. Putin was exporting 30% of Russia's oil through a firm owned by his old friend. I very much doubt he was doing it out of the kindness of his heart.

It is not a coincidence that Russia consistently comes in at the bottom of the list in the various corruption ratings. And it's not a coincidence that their economy turns to shit every time oil takes a nosedive. It doesn't take a genius to run a country when you get $200B a year in oil profits, even if you steal two thirds of it right off the bat. It does take a modicum of competence to run a country without that, but with an elite so corrupt and so entrenched, Russia's only hope is that oil returns to $100+/bbl sometime soon. Which it probably won't for another couple of years.

The sooner you make your first 5000 mistakes, the sooner you will be able to correct them. -- Nicolaides