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Again you are completely missing the point she was making and the point of this slashdot article. The point she was making is that women in the games she's reviewing are uniformly depicted in these sexualized death poses and sexualized death scenes, and men are not depicted that way. That is gender stereotyping. And the point of TFA is that whether you agree with her about this or not, it's not a reason to threaten her and her parents with torture and death.

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Finding police blotters online is difficult. I went looking for any police blotter during the period that the original Kickstarter kerfuffle happened, and the only one I found was four months previous to that event. So the absence of such evidence online is not evidence that there was no police investigation.

Also, the idea that someone would publish their home address and their parents' home address online in the context of graphic death threats in order to get attention is not plausible. If she were obviously insane, perhaps, but she gives every appearance of being a sane, stable and intelligent person. Even if everything you've said about her is true, I don't find the conclusion you are drawing at all credible.

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Yes, and this is gender stereotyping, and if you read more feminist writing, you will discover that feminists are just as opposed to the stereotyping of men in these commercials as they are the stereotyping of women.

There's a huge leap from "men are not the weakest and stupidest characters in a video game" and "brutal depictions of violence against women," and "the use of scantily-clad female corpses as decoration." If men were being depicted as weaker and stupider than women in the game that would also be gender stereotyping.

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If you find depictions of hookers being abused and murdered, or the dead bodies of women posed seductively, as life-defining, you are not typical. And while I do feel for you, the right thing to do is start redefining your life now, not just accept that where you are at the moment is where you must always be. We all experience some fucked up shit when we are growing up. It doesn't have to define us.

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If any member of the gender is not insulted, the entire gender was not insulted. And honestly, the idea that an appreciable subset of members of the gender would feel insulted by her videos is insulting to the gender, because it is an actual gender stereotype, directed at all members of the gender. Whereas her videos did not engage in gender stereotyping at all, but rather criticized specific game tropes in a way that was entirely compassionate and respectful of that same gender. IOW, she did not say "these tropes work on men, so men suck." She said "these tropes work on men, and promote an attitude toward women that is unnatural and not normal for men." So I would say she's being a lot more generous toward the gender than you are.

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Huh. I'm male, and I didn't feel insulted. I am also concerned about the issues she raised, and support her exploration of them, although I do not always agree with her conclusions. Why is it "insulting the entire gender" to say "gosh, you might want to consider whether using dead female bodies posed in necrophilic-erotic positions is really a healthy or appropriate thing to do." Personally I find it insulting to my gender that the creators of the game thing I would willingly tolerate such imagery. Essentially what the game producers are saying is "men are brutes with no compassion, let's pander to that." It's disgusting and insulting.

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Okay. Suppose that's true. This justifies graphic torture/death threats?

I've watched her videos too. I think her main problem is that she's a bit of a perfectionist—e.g., her criticisms of The Hunger Games (the book) are valid, but unnecessary: the book is more than good enough, even if there are things that could have been done better differently. But this particular video seems pretty accurate based on my experiences of video games. It's hard to find games I'm willing to play, because I am not willing to play through scenes like the ones depicted in her recent video.

Now, having said that, do you feel that I too should suffer death threats and threats of torture, or is the correct response simply to explain why you disagree with me, or why your experience differs from mine?

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The topic, which you might get if you read the summary, is that she's received credible death threats. Do you think it's okay for people to receive death threats when they say something you don't agree with? E.g., was it okay when they put a price on Salman Rushdie's head?

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by mellon (#47753363) Attached to: Numerous Methane Leaks Found On Atlantic Sea Floor

We haven't put a man on the moon since I was a kid. And putting a man on the moon isn't very useful if there aren't any women and there's no place to grow food. We kind of need to make things work here. Sure, some of us might survive. Or we might not. Get rid of our technological civilization by decimating the population and hence eliminating the people who know how to make the stuff that makes us a technological civilization, and suddenly the "we can go to the moon" story gets _really_ implausible.

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Whoopee! Those of us who survive can eat insect meat and drive around in methane-powered death vehicles with mohawks and face paint! Yay!

You are basically making shit up here. Sorry. More heat doesn't necessarily mean more rain, and simple turbine systems are very inefficient and require a pretty high level of technology to maintain (you need to be able to smelt and machine steel).

Meanwhile, in ten years we might have the ability to safely grow replacement organs in peoples' bodies. We might be on the verge of building an amazing new world. Why are we throwing this away just so we can drive fucking humvees down the highway and live in poorly insulated homes with the thermostat turned up to 80 and buy stupid tchotchkes made in factories in China powered by coal?