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Comment: Re:Big Whoop. (Score 1) 61

by PopeRatzo (#46802839) Attached to: SpaceX Successfully Delivers Supplies To ISS

Unlike every previous launch, however, we the taxpayers are paying a fixed price to SpaceX, instead of the bloated cost-plus contracts that are large part of the reason why there hasn't been much progress in manned spaceflight in the last four decades.

Well, it's theoretically less expensive, but not yet. If you extrapolate out 50 missions, you start seeing SpaceX making an actual profit instead of a projected profit based on a fee stream.

My problem is that the entire thing still relies on government. If there is value in a "private" space industry, it hasn't been found yet.

Further, none of the profits ever materialize if you look at the external costs of the federal government already having done the hard work. Unless you believe SpaceX started with a clean sheet of paper and didn't make use of the past half-century of government space programs.

At best, you can say that there's a place for government and private industry to work together on the really big things like space travel. Without the government over-spending, there's good reason to believe we'd never have seen any space program at all. Or, convince me that without the initial public investment, any private company would have done the basic research required to send the first satellite into space.

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by tepples (#46802605) Attached to: OpenSSL Cleanup: Hundreds of Commits In a Week
So which hosting company do you recommend that offers SSH over VPN? Shared hosts that I've seen offer only a web-based administration panel and a shell account. With VPS or dedicated, you'd have to rent two servers: one to act as the "hardened node in a heavily firewalled DMZ" and one to actually be the server administered through SSH. And even then, how would you administer the "hardened node in a heavily firewalled DMZ"?

Comment: Alternative to opening admin port to world? (Score 1) 329

by tepples (#46802357) Attached to: OpenSSL Cleanup: Hundreds of Commits In a Week
Say I need to administer a server from home, from the home of a relative that I visit every other weekend, occasionally from public Wi-Fi in a restaurant or library, and rarely from public Wi-Fi in a hotel in another state. Other than opening the server's SSH or HTTPS administration port to the Internet, what other method would you recommend for me to log in and do work from all of those places?

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by Curunir_wolf (#46801755) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Professional Journaling/Notes Software?

Wrong. It's only free if you want to be locked into Microsoft's cloud service. Did you honestly think anything from Microsoft would ever actually be "free" (speech or beer)?

You do NOT need a Microsoft account to use OneNote. You can store your notes locally, or on a fileshare, or anything that ES File Manager can get to.

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