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Comment: Re:And this doesn't seem like a bad idea? (Score 1) 105

by meglon (#47410299) Attached to: Mapping a Monster Volcano
You're attempting to argue that science is the same as religion. It isn't, and the fact you'd suggest such a stupid thing only reveals you don't have an understanding of science. I'd suggest you stick with something you actually know something about, which is clearly not science, or anything to do with the scientific principle.

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by meglon (#47397399) Attached to: When Beliefs and Facts Collide
Certainly can't argue with that, although i imagine there's more than 1 in a million that does know, the numbers of the ignorant are disproportionally large compared to those that do. But downplaying the meaning and actions of those "groups" is hardly the answer.

While some of these quite a ways out there in the way they use the data, many of them put forward a pretty simple analysis of what's going on...such as:

Make no mistake, the militarism, anti-intellectualism, religious fervor, party "purity," along with the other traits justifies the radical rights admission into the roster of fascist groups, even though they've substituted total obedience to their party for the total obedience to the state that the European fascists of the 1920's-1940's pushed. That list of traits is like a checklist for the radical right.

So no, this isn't just a political insult... it's the way things are happening in the US. My statement above, that's already been modded down by someone who disagrees, is accurate.

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"But we also need to reduce the incentives for elites to spread misinformation to their followers in the first place. Once people’s cultural and political views get tied up in their factual beliefs, it’s very difficult to undo regardless of the messaging that is used."

As long as the few can remain in power or make money by lying, they will.

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Yes, Amaurea right above your post laid that out pretty well, as do you.... but the OP didn't specify surface gravity. You would feel roughly the same effects (gravitationally) from it as you would from our sun at the same distance from center of mass; you'd simply be able to get much closer to center of mass on a white dwarf, baring being fried from the radiation output.

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" All the reactors we have now were designed in the '50s. "

And why's that? Because the ecology-fanatics brought a complete halt to civil nuclear development.

Those eco-fanatics" actually haven't:

The real answer: Three Mile Island and Chernobyl.

...but i really wanted to answer the last question you asked:

And who is telling us we need to get rid of coal now?

That one is incredibly easy: the people that want to save this species form fucking over the environment so much that everyone dies, although why they'd want to save your stupid fucking ass is beyond me.

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Yes, please share this actual scientific evidence of God's existence. I've heard so many devoutly religious people spout all sorts of complete bullshit on the topic, and not understand that if there ever had been any evidence, God's existence wouldn't be a matter of faith, but of science.... but there is none, regardless of what made up fantasy bullshit you pull out of your ass. More likely is the simple probability that you do not understand what the word "evidence" means, and you've been brainwashed by a bunch of lying sacks of crap abusing you.... keeping you stupid and delusional.

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