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Comment: Re:Show me the users! (Score 1) 274

You will have to major rewriting whether you want to or not. You will not cover every base out of the gate. Your users will do stuff and break stuff that you will never think of at this stage. Hell you may come up with a clever way to implement a feature - but that may only occur several months after the users have been exposed to the product.

It is just a fact of life. No plan is perfect, no software is perfect, and nothing ever survives the userbase intact.

Comment: Re:I don't live at home anymore (Score 3, Interesting) 397

by megalomaniacs4u (#43297143) Attached to: Most IT Admins Have Considered Quitting Due To Stress

Your resignation letter only has to say the minimum - Nixon's resignation letter, is the best example:,_1974.jpg

I've used the same basic letter when I've quit in the past. You may get hauled into a meeting to find out why, but you don't have to tell them anything other than you quit (if they want you to work a notice period you'll find out)

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