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by meeotch (#46800985) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Professional Journaling/Notes Software?

Ha - forgot to finish point #3, and renumber point #4. Like I said about editing my notes...

3. There are some stupid hotkeys that I find myself accidentally hitting all the time. Like "New page" and "New Section". I don't believe you can change them - though I assume you could steal them with AutoHotkey.

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by meeotch (#46800981) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Professional Journaling/Notes Software?

+1 for this. Though I'm sure nobody around here wants to hear about M$ products. "LALALALALAproprietaryLALALALALAwalledgardenLALALALALA".

I haven't tried Evernote, but only because I skimmed through the site, didn't like the formatting options, and since I've been using OneNote, I haven't felt the need. It did seem like Evernote had more options for grabbing stuff form disparate sources.

I also haven't tried OneNote 2013, because I don't like subscription software. (LALALALA) But OneNote 2010 has been pretty great. Particularly for my style of note-taking, which involves a lot of page layout, previously requiring going back and erasing when you realize you haven't left enough room, then rewriting all the notes in that section.

Some irritating issues, that mostly have workarounds:

1. You can't edit images (or not very well) once they're pasted in. Workaround: hotkey for screen cliping, hotkey to MS Paint. Ctrl-V edit Ctrl-C Ctrl-V into OneNote.
2. "Dock" mode actually takes over half of your desktop, and shoves all your icons out of the way. Workaround: icon saver program, hotkey.
3. There are some stupid hotkeys that
3. Probably some other stuff I'm not remembering.

The killer feature: With this guy's add-on, you can auto-complete to build up fairly complex mathematical equations pretty quickly.

It also auto-OCR's images in the background, so that you can search for text in images you've pasted in.

Exporting to pdf appears to preserve links, including "internal" ones between pages, as long as you export all the relevant pages together. Exporting to mht is not quite as successful.

Now my notes look like this:

I believe there's a tablet version - but I wouldn't want to use it with a stylus. Particularly if I was trying to use handwriting recognition to enter math equations.

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by meeotch (#46363297) Attached to: The Science of Solitary Confinement

restricted to cells of 80 square feet, not much larger than a king-size bed.. experienced symptoms such as dizziness, heart palpitations, chronic depression, while 41 percent reported hallucinations, and 27 percent had suicidal thoughts...

Add in paying rent of $3000/month for the privilege, and you've just described most of Manhattan.

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by meeotch (#45959255) Attached to: Google Chrome 32 Is Out: Noisy Tabs Indicators, Supervised Users

If you're a user of (google-based search that doesn't track you), you'll no longer be able to use the "POST vs GET" option, which I believe is the default, and which keeps websites from tracking your search terms.

For whatever reason, chrome 32 with POST vs GET will cause startpage searches to redirect back to the home page with no results.

To use the previous version of chrome on Windows, look in your %APPDATA%/Local/Google directory. There should be an old_chrome.exe that you can run that links to the previous version.

Of course, when chrome auto-updates again, you'll lose that version. I've disabled the update plugin in about:plugins, but I'm not sure if that's sufficient to prevent updates.

Comment: Rotoscoping? (Score 1) 46

Why does TFS link to a wikipedia article about rotoscoping, which (correctly) identifies it as a manual, 2D process?

But I guess we should be thankful that, if editors aren't actually going to catch such mistakes, they are at least doing us the favor of linking to documentation highlighting their errors.

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by meeotch (#45792939) Attached to: NSA Drowns In Useless Data, Impeding Work, Former Employee Claims can I help?

No, seriously - I tried to start discussion in a previous "The NSA is sniffing your dirty boxers" thread about the possibility of an easy-to-use browser / email plugin / app / etc. that would encourage Joe User to increase the amount of "noise traffic" he generated. E.g., something that would tack a bunch of Terror Words onto the end of every email, but more practical and less scary to use. Encourage people to automatically participate in conscientious objection to surveillance the way that they reflexively download mp3's or jaywalk.

I think the only response was "emacs spook mode", which is funny, but not really the discussion I was hoping for.

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by meeotch (#45771147) Attached to: Percentage of Self-Employed IT Workers Increasing

How many of self-employed (or non-self-employed) out there have to deal with "employers of record"? I'm not in IT, but I am in an industry where predatory third-party employers act as a means for companies to pass their payroll taxes, workers comp insurance, etc. on to their employees. My understanding is that this sort of thing is prevalent in IT as well, so I'm curious how many slashdotters who are in IT have to deal with this.

For those who are unfamiliar, the grift is this: Company A, rather than hiring worker W, instead contracts with Evil Employer of Record E. E "hires" W, and "loans" them out to A. Since W doesn't work for A, A doesn't pay payroll taxes, workers comp, etc. (A significant amount - something like 10-20% of salary.) This is where it gets fun: E, which is now responsible for those costs, passes them through to W by deducting them from W's pay. Often, they'll charge a 2% fee on top of this for the privilege.

All of the costs of being a 1099 contractor, with vastly diminished opportunity for tax deductions. Plus you pay the max % for unemployment tax and workers comp (those costs are on a scale, and self-incorporated person would generally come in at the bottom of that scale instead of the top).

In my industry, a lot of foreign visa workers and the less tax-savvy are caught in this scam. And the gov't (specifically, the state gov't) does nothing to stop it, because they're getting unemployment tax that they wouldn't get if the same workers were 1099.

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