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by medv4380 (#47558175) Attached to: A 24-Year-Old Scammed Apple 42 Times In 16 Different States
Oh, blame the lobbyist? Is your "Free Market" soul hurt? This is a process by the Credit Card companies and the Banks. Lobbyists have next to nothing to do with it. Apple screwed up by not contacting the bank themselves. Apple screwed up by allowing a bully customer to steamroller them. Most companies don't even allow their employees to do this process because doing so says you're absolutely sure you've followed the process, and will accept the charges. It's typically only done on big ticket purchases were the bank won't authorize anything above a set limit unless all the verification steps are done.

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by medv4380 (#47525963) Attached to: Black Holes Not Black After All, Theorize Physicists
All Godel proved was that the Continuum Hypothesis could not be proven or disproven in Set Theory. Zeno presented a logical consequence if reality was a continuum, and the Effect proves the consequence actually exists. He just thought he was being clever because basic observation contradicts the logic, and to many proved continuum was not how space and time worked. However, there is evidence that no only he was right, but that it could very well be a continuum.

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If you're really that paranoid then you should be using a one time pad already. If it's not mathematically impossible to break then it's not worthy of that paranoia level. If I ever became worried on that level I'd switch to One Time Pads over night. The fear mongering that the NSA might have instant access to your nude selfies is meaningless fear mongering. Someone who does that should actually be afraid that anyone could get those photos off the phone and post them everywhere. That's not a lesson for why you should have encryption. It's a lesson on why you shouldn't store something you don't want on the internet on an electronic device connected to the internet.

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If I actually cared about the Government breaking into my encrypted files I'd be using a One Time Pad. It might be cumbersome, and it might flag it as actually important info, but if I really didn't want someone to have the possibility of breaking it then only a encryption method that cannot be broken with any amount of processing power will do. However, I don't have any need to worry about some trivial thing like are they looking at me today. I don't have that kind of secret to hide.

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I don't actually have to remember hundreds of different throwaway usernames and passwords. It's One username/password combo for hundreds of websites. Makes it easy when 5 years later you forget you made an account for the site and it says sorry that username already exists. Which since it's a stupid nonsense username that only I would use I just go login and put it with the password that it should be. Any spammer that hacks that one account has access to hundreds of sites to post as me, and you know what. I don't care. There is very little harm to me in someone hacking that account and posting spam, or trollish nonsense as me. A bit irritating, but a waist of my time to even fight it, and I'm pretty sure it's a waist of their time too.

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by medv4380 (#47466737) Attached to: Selectively Reusing Bad Passwords Is Not a Bad Idea, Researchers Say
The advocacy for Password Managers and Password Keepers is just utter BS. If some nothing website insists that I have to make an account just to post one little comment, and I might come back 5 years later to post again then they're getting generic username plus generic password. I'm not waisting my time making some uber powerful password, and utilizing something just to remember it. Even then the OpenID solution would have been great but every once in a while I'm presented with the option of logging in with my Google ID and giving some organization full access to my contact list, or full access to my google drive. Screw them, and I'll just create generic account just for their site though their old interface just so they can't read my contacts or documents. If they're so worried that people are using BS passwords on their site that spammers keep hacking to post then maybe they should accept better business practices.

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No, he's using the comic industries status quo to explain that everything always goes back to how it was. Peter dies with Doc Oc taking over his body, and then the Superior Spiderman arc is done and Peter is Peter once again. Another example being Wonder Woman loosing her title, and powers so they could put a blonde in the title for a bit so they could Kill Wonder Woman Artemis without Killing Wonder Woman Diana. Anyone who thought that was permanent doesn't read comics. So what we have now is Thor has lost his title and some woman is worthy to wield the hammer. She'll be Thor up until the end when the Arc Kills Her, which would be why they wanted Thor out of it. If she's lucky she'll have increased the audience and they'll save her and give her a unique title, maybe. Don't mistake Comic Book Cynicism for Misogyny. They're not the same.

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Can't be sure, but if this is real then I'm fine with the compromise of a tile metro app running in a window since rewriting all of them would take some time. Putting the tiles in the start menu where were there were only two buttons I ever touched is acceptable. I'll probably only ever use the PC Settings tile as long as the start menu works. This isn't exactly what I want, but what I want is XP updated to modern code, and they're intent on not doing that.

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The Local College CS department keeps having an issue because all the lower level classes are in languages like Java. It ends up that by the time they get to Operating Systems they've never had to go though the hell of dealing with memory pointers, and the basics of C. Python is just as bad, and maybe worse because of how it does logical blocks. It's hell trying to get beginners to understand braces and semicolons, but it's like taking candy from a baby when they've been coding for a few years without ever using them. The whining from VB programmers when they encounter C#, Java, C, or C++ is just unending, and the nonsense from Python heavy programmers is much the same. If you learn the basics in C they are just accepted when you have to learn the lower level coding like Operating Systems. Stop teaching the basics on API heavy system just because it's "Easier" to build a server that way. They've beginners, and have no need for them until they've mastered the basics.

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As far back as I can remember there has always been fear or concern about a guy who wants to knock up a girl poking holes in the condom, or a girl who wants to get pregnant poking holes in the condom. Now with this chip you have a form of birth control that poking holes is as simple as finding the frequency it's on to turn it off. Now instead of worry that your partner screwing with you now you have to worry about a third party. Neighbor that doesn't believe in birth control builds a device to turn yours off. Parents tired of waiting for grandchildren buy said device. The list goes on and on. At least with condoms and the pill I just have to trust my partner, and maybe if I don't do a visual inspection. This is as bad of an idea as people who listen to others about what makes good lubes for condoms when they get told an oil based lube is good when in reality it's something that would really weaken, and increase the likelihood of it breaking, but in this case they don't have to be telling you lies to get you pregnant. They just have to be malicious enough.

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The general description of Bigfoot matches a large bear standing upright. Which they can do. Horses and Dogs are far less believable to be mistaken for Bigfoot, but possible depending on where they were found. A large wolf in the Himalayas might be when visibility is low. But I can't see how someone could mistake a Horse as Bigfoot. Even in extreme conditions.

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