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+ - Geek tour of the US - Where to go?-> 3

Submitted by fr!th
fr!th (834381) writes "I'm leaving sunny Australia for a grand tour of the Land of the Free (USA), so my question is: What are the "can't miss" places for the discerning Nerd?
I'm bringing the wife (or, more accurately, she is bringing me), so ideally we would like to go to places that are of historical/anthropological significance to geek culture, so she can get some idea why her husband thinks a fun afternoon is writing a python script to comb our photo collection for duplicates.
(On a side note, should we bring the laptop?)"

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Open Source Security Testing 7

Posted by michael
from the an-open-box-is-an-empty-box dept.
dr_labrat writes: "Most penetration testing companies use "proprietary" methodologies to audit their customer's networks. The Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (pronounced: Osstum) now gives reputable companies the opportunity to use a peer reviewed standard, and be compared to a wider community! It's just made it to version 2 and is gathering popularity."

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