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Comment: Re:Lemme pour some solar in my tank... (Score 1) 191

by Chas (#48945855) Attached to: New Study Says Governments Should Ditch Reliance On Biofuels

all of the carbon was removed from the atmosphere by the plants, and will be released either through decomposition, or burning as fuel.

Doubtful. And by "released", that means "back into the environment".

By the way, electric cars do have fuel tanks, they're called "batteries."

Yep. And come back to me when the storage and distribution (refill) technology has gotten to the point where I can pretty much go anyplace, rather than having to carefully plan my route around quick-charge stations over overnight stays every 1-300 miles or rent a gasoline/diesel/e85 car..

In 15 years

This technology is PERPETUALLY "10-15 years away". Call me after it has ARRIVED and is actually pushing towards ubiquity.

Comment: Re:More ambiguous cruft: hardly. (Score 1) 452

by phantomfive (#48945517) Attached to: The Gap Between What The Public Thinks And What Scientists Know
You said:

Most of them are "skeptical" of mainstream climate science but will wholeheartedly accept anything that appears to call it into question with no skepticism at all.

So.......do you also have a name for the people who wholeheartedly accept anything that appears to support it with no skepticism at all?

Comment: They are not liable. (Score 1) 129

by Karmashock (#48945431) Attached to: Indian Woman Sues Uber In the US Over Alleged New Delhi Taxi Rape

This could have happened to this person anywhere from any service.

The only solution so far as I can see is to ban all women from using any service without a trusted male chaperone.

I'm kidding but... what possible means of preventing this sort of thing is there besides just going full Sharia law with it?

Ladies, part of going outside without a male protector is at some level taking some responsibility and protecting yourself.

AND I AM NOT victim blaming. What happened to her is terrible. Rape is wrong. Rape is wrong. Rape. Is. Wrong. It is a terrible crime and anyone that is convicted of it can expect no mercy from me.

That said, if you get raped at a taco bell... that isn't taco bell's fault so long as they followed best practices for hiring and screening employees. What are they supposed to do?

Look, if you want to throw the book at someone, throw the book at the rapist.

Simply going after Uber just looks like going after someone with deep pockets because you want money. And that is nearly as disgusting as the rape itself. That is right. People that use rape to make money are terrible people too.

I don't see how Uber is responsible for the crime. Nail the rapist. Enough with the pathetic attempts to get cash.

Comment: Re:Is anyone surprised? (Score 1) 132

I've read several of the Wheel Of Time books, and all of the GoT books so far - even though the reading gets harder in parts of the later GoT books I still could easily read through them in a sitting, where I just cold not face any more WoT books after three or four. I find the GoT stuff vastly more interesting.

Comment: It does fly, because it works better (Score 1) 129

by SuperKendall (#48945347) Attached to: Indian Woman Sues Uber In the US Over Alleged New Delhi Taxi Rape

What flies with me is systems that work better than old corrupt systems.

Plainly Uber does a better job overall than cabs, or people would not use them.

If you are so hidebound to rules that you must follow them to your detriment, then there is no help for you I fear.

When regulations do nothing to help real people, and only restrict compassion with an old failed system - it is morally wrong to follow those regulations. I few Uber (and other companies like them) as the ultimate form of civil disobedience, and feel it is my duty as a citizen who wants to see a better world to make use of them and promote them when possible.

I have NO connection to Uber. Just a lifetime of experience with the world of Cabs that you are trying to keep us all mired in, a lifetime of poor to horrific experiences.

Comment: Re:There's no parallel universes either (Score 1) 155

by Immerman (#48945265) Attached to: There Is No "You" In a Parallel Universe

Completely unrelated concept. There are at least three distinct kinds of parallel universe that might exist - you are discussing the kind that would result from the many-worlds interpretation of quantum physics , which has absolutely nothing to do with the kind that results from inflationary theory. I gave a much better discussion near the top of the page if you're interested.

As for your example, you disprove nothing. Consider, in step three I might spit out the coffee instead of swallowing it - nothing about sipping the coffee implies that I will swallow it, and causality flows in either direction through the spitting-out timeline as well. Two universes would split from the moment that I decided to either swallow or spit, and both timelines would be completely internally consistent in both directions. Such is the nature of quantum mechanics - things still flow equally well in either direction (barring a few subatomic asymmetries which have been experimentally discovered), but you cannot decisively predict the outcome from the initial state.

Comment: Re:Dumbest physics article ever seen (Score 1) 155

by Immerman (#48945237) Attached to: There Is No "You" In a Parallel Universe

Actually they are - I posted a much more in-depth discussion towards the top of this topic is you care to search for my name, but the basic gist is that inflationary theory presumes that the universe we see is a bubble of "stabilized" spacetime that resulted from a the spontaneous decay of inflationary energy into mass, energy, etc. It is *extremely* unlikely though that the self-replicating inflationary energy was entirely consumed by the chain reaction of decay, and even a single speck remaining would continue to expand faster than light so that within moments it would be vastly larger than the entire bubble of spacetime we call "the universe". Further spontaneous decay of inflationary energy would create additional expanding "bubbleverses", all eternally separated by inflationary energy expanding far faster than lightspeed. And every one of those uncountably numerous bubbles would be a universe in it's own right, potentially having completely different physical laws than ours based on the particular details of the manner in which the inflationary energy decayed.

Byte your tongue.