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Comment The sun is at a low point... (Score 2, Insightful) 200

The variable is that the sun is at a low point in activity right now. I wonder if we'll see a larger failure rate of satellites orbiting the region. I guess it's extra tin-foil for them too. How would you go about shielding something that big from electrical fields that strong?

Submission + - Zenix3D (video game) released->

Jeremy Spiller writes: "August 2, 2007, Gosub Software is proud to announce the release of its new independent game, Zenix3D, available on the PC at http://zenix3d.com/ Zenix3D is a single or multi-player, third-person shooter that takes the Space Invaders concept to a new level. Blast alien insects into oblivion, with stunning 3D graphics and special effects choreographed to an exciting original music score! Zenix3D also allows you to modify the levels that come with it. Using the level editor you can change the game any way you want, even creating your own original games. After following the tutorial, you are presented with a demo game that can be edited, modified, and used as a base to create your own games! Jeremy Spiller has been programming and writing shooter style video games for almost 20 years. Jeremy developed what many believe to be the highest "arcade quality" games for the CoCo3. His original release, Zenix (1989) is considered to be the fastest and most spectacular arcade game ever developed for the CoCo3 and is a classic example of pushing the CoCo3 to its limits. Zenix3D is a timely update to the original integrating modern art and sound with classic arcade style fun. Zenix3D is now available for purchase, and can be ordered online at Zenix3D.com. There is also a playable demo version with the opportunity to try before you buy. System requirements: Zenix3D requires Windows 2000/XP/Vista; a 1GHz or faster processor; at least 512MB of system memory; a video card with at least 64Mb of video memory; and Microsoft DirectX 9.0c."
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KDE 4.0 Beta 1 Released 249

dbhost writes "Along with this morning's cup of coffee and log reviews, I discovered that the KDE team is moving forward with a long awaited beta release of KDE 4.0 beta release of KDE 4.0. The most interesting item I found in the notes is that the file manager in KDE is being separated from Konqueror into a component called Dolphin. Also, according to the announcement, konsole has been treated to a number of improvements such as split view, and history highlighting."

Submission + - Point and click Gmail hacking at Black Hat->

not5150 writes: "Using Gmail or most other webmail programs over an unsecured access points just got a bit more dangerous. At Black Hat, Robert Graham, CEO of errata security, showed how to capture and clone session cookies. He even hijacked a shocked attendee's Gmail account in the middle of his Black Hat speech."
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