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Comment Re:Have you dug into the cameras a bit? (Score 1) 134

Basically an opensource solution presenting a front end to your closed source cameras.

I second this but I couldn't get Zoneminder to work with my two Foscam cameras of different models. I let the camera upload .mkv video snippets along with trigger photos and do the rest on a Linux box running mplayer for quick perusal of the files, vlc to convert them to .mp4, and ffmpeg to slice them into sets of jpegs for the triggered events. You can then do anything you want with them. Foscam has an open API to do certain things with the camera but I haven't played with it yet.

Comment Never upgrade OS on old hardware (Score 1) 319

I never upgrade an OS to a new major release (i.e. WindowsXP to WIndows7) on old hardware. The new OS will consume more resources so it's better to buy modern hardware for it if you absolutely need features in a newer OS. I suspect the vast majority of people upgrade just to keep up with or stay ahead of the Jones.

Comment GNOME 3 (Score 1, Flamebait) 288

One day I counted click and scrolls for my use case and they doubled in Gnome 3 over Gnome 2. It wasn't a matter of not liking fonts or colors or how windows flew across the screen, it was knowing how easy it used to be making every extra click and scroll in Gnome 3 upsetting for me. How did the designers of that UI not see this? Currently writing this using Gnome 2 on Fedora 14.

Comment Re:Ehhhh... (Score 1) 133

So overall the fast results are what we want out of a search engine- the answer.

Exactly. Google is a great tool but so many people have gamed their SEO that many searches come up with complete garbage. I wish there was a "this search result sucks" button to give Google feedback but that would probably be gamed in short time too.

I like auto complete because it helps put together a proper set of search terms for those of us who have frequent brain farts.

Comment RLCs are not a big issue in this race (Score 1) 93

Chicago resident here. Rahm Emanuel has a 45% to 20% lead over his nearest rival and all rival candidates are grasping at straws. The red light camera program here has been a success at reducing red light running which used to occur on a routine basis in almost every intersection. Since reckless driving here is so rampant they make up a good percentage of the population of voters who want their driving unenforced. They make for an easy target for challengers to Rahm who have no other agenda to offer. Odds are there won't be a runoff and Rahm wins in a landslide. RLCs are far from an issue that will determine the outcome of this election but they make for good click through bait.

I'm hoping for camera tech to improve enough where stop sign and crosswalk camera systems become feasible to install and manage.

Comment I have this system to win at craps (Score 1) 127

This reminds me of all the systems with mathematical models to back them up showing how they hold secrets to winning at the dice game craps. Past events don't affect future events for random acts like throwing dice or flipping a coin. All that math is hooey. Baseball is full of these kind of stats with fans playing them off each other like Magic the Gathering cards not understanding a whit of the math underlying them. If students get taught to think critically of these kind of mathematics then using an example like this could be educational.

Comment Re:How to disable CGI in Apache (Score 2) 318

I got the exact same request - - [25/Sep/2014:00:58:47 -0500] "GET /cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi HTTP/1.0" 404 16658
on only one of my sites, the site I have registered with Google.
I use tcpdump to catch other fields and the ping came in through User Agent.
User-Agent: () { :;}; /bin/ping -c 1

Comment Re:Well then the SOLUTION is obvious (Score 1) 154

In 1984 University of Illinois got killed by UCLA in the Rose Bowl. Near the end of the game someone hacked the scoreboard to replace UCLA's name with MIT (the victor) and Illinois' name with CalTech. Never heard anything more as to how they did that but it was pretty funny after suffering through a boring one sided football game.

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