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In 1984 University of Illinois got killed by UCLA in the Rose Bowl. Near the end of the game someone hacked the scoreboard to replace UCLA's name with MIT (the victor) and Illinois' name with CalTech. Never heard anything more as to how they did that but it was pretty funny after suffering through a boring one sided football game.

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by mea2214 (#46671085) Attached to: Mystery MLB Team Moves To Supercomputing For Their Moneyball Analysis
The problem with baseball analytics is more in the misuse of mathematics than lack of processing power. Few of what they call "peripheral" stats like FIP and BABIP have any mathematical proofs whatsoever. Other stats try and normalize all external conditions to level the field for all players for evaluation. This introduces ambiguous concepts like "stadium effect" being calculated based upon another set of stats and assumptions. All assumptions along the way add up to introduce bias which is why there is no single player evaluation system that can even determine past results with full knowledge of history. WAR tries but there are several variations. If WAR truly had a mathematical proof for it there would only be one answer. Supercomputers might be an interesting science project for some baseball owner but when you enter into it garbage data based on faulty math you end up with garbage results no matter how many processor cycles it consumes.

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by mea2214 (#46656051) Attached to: Start-Up Founders On Dealing With Depression
Depression is a disease much like cancer. If this story was entitled "Start up founders on dealing with cancer," why would anyone think start up founders have any more insight to that suffering than anyone else? Depression can hit anyone, even billionaires without a care in the world. Like cancer, depression too frequently ends in death.

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It is those Joe Sixpacks who are so perplexed by the unconventional moves deployed by Mr. Chu who are doing all the booing.

I suspect Jeopardy's core demographic are old people. Old people generally dislike when young whipper snappers change the way things are done.

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by mea2214 (#45413527) Attached to: Facebook Patented Making NSA Data Handoffs Easier
This looks like any standard user interface to a database and basic computer architecture. I suspect the devil is in the details as to what kind of data blobs are defined in a "request" and what data blobs get returned to a user. As far as I can tell, this patent covers all data blob implementations. How can this be a patent?

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I recently bought an Android Samsung Galaxy something on the cheap ($200) for development. So far have only put free apps on it. Other than becoming re-addicted and then having to go through re-hab on BeJewels, I mainly use it for a calculator. It's a nice calculator though. Big buttons and easy to see numbers. I could see certain use cases where this device may be a useful tool but even as a remote control for a TV I find it clunky compared to the original remote. As a fashion accessory however, carrying around a Samsung Galaxy tablet makes me look like a cheapskate.

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I probably shouldn't have brought Skype up because the vast majority of Skype users scan the upper ports, see they're not open and that's that. I only see them in my post partum analytics and they pose no threat or harm. They then go on to do other things. Some will try and run a non-SSL session through 443 and a non-http session through 80 and find that doesn't work either and they give up. Squid doesn't even log them as invalid. A small minority will generate pages and pages of invalid records in Squid's logs. I was merely venting at Skype for even trying to use port 80 and 443 for something other than the operator of the wifi network intended. I find that rude.

Compare this to the behavior of Netflix streaming. They do all their business on port 80 using valid http protocol. Blocking their streaming is a simple one line regex expression in Squid's config file. Netflix made it simple to turn their streaming off via a transparent proxy for those of us who don't have the bandwidth to handle that.

Sorry if I harped too much on Skype. Just needed to vent. I'm a long time reader and hardly ever post,. This subject fit into what I have been working on so I thought maybe I could add something interesting.

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Let me try and respond to all the responses in one fell swoop. Yes. I do play Big Brother and I see nothing unethical about this. I'm providing a free service and exposing myself to all kinds of trolls who want to sue based upon IP. I have a right to make sure Bittorrent does not work. If people don't like it they don't have to use my open wifi. I do not have a captive portal for users to accept TOS so am not sure of the legal technicalities. I might install one. Yes. This setup is rather techie but it is still a work in progress and I am still learning and am working on making it plug and play for the non techie. Maybe something like this would make for a nice open source project. Right now I have lots of scripts strung together and am still doing a lot of things manually.

The pcaps generated by tcpdump are automatically digested after every 5M chunk and used for analytics and stripped of any payload. I have better things to do than to spy on the pictures my users download. The analytics are my research data devoid of any user identification. I probably shouldn't have provided so many details as people on the net like to make assumptions so they can then wax indigent.
As for the sniffing password charge: You'd be surprised how rare that is nowadays. Most every device has been very good about encrypting stuff using SSL on port 443. In the past year I might have seen maybe 3 or 4 unique devices transmit credentials in the clear. I think modern devices have become wise about those things.

Skype is obnoxious because it tries to use port 443 and 80 for non SSL and non http traffic because it knows most every router has those ports open. Since port 80 is run through Squid, Squid rejects it. I ban those users who beat on port 80 like this because I'm not sure if they might be trying to break Squid. It's better to ban people who abuse. As for iCloud. I tried to open up UDP ports 16384, 16385, and 16386 for them but when I do they try and probe ports on my external IP address which might be a way for iCloud to punch holes through the router. I simply drop those UDP ports no big deal except that since those Apple devices pound those ports so frequently I have to place those drops near the top of iptables.

tl;dr Just whitelist port 80 and 443, send 80 through a Squid like proxy and 90% of wifi users will have no problems. You can open up some other ports as you see fit. I hope this makes things more clear.

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