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+ - What makes mars magnetic?->

lecithin writes: "Spaceflightnow has a story regarding a puzzle to astronomers and geologists. What makes mars magnetic? If you could pick up a rock from the surface of Mars, then the chances are it would be magnetic. And yet, Mars doesn't have a magnetic field coming from its core. These rocks are clinging to the signal of an ancient magnetic field, dating back billions of years, to the times when Mars had a magnetic field like Earth's."
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The Almighty Buck

Another US Tech Trade Deficit 498 498

eldavojohn writes "The United States is suffering again from a massive trade deficit — $38.3 billion in 2006. And it's been going on since 2002. From the press release: 'In 2006, Asia supplied 60 percent of all US imports of advanced technology products. Europe supplied more than 20 percent, and North America more than 15 percent.'"

+ - Smart Image Resizing Cuts Useless Data From Pics->

Chroniton writes: OhGizmo is carrying an article on Smart Image Resizing: "Wouldn't it be useful if you could make images smaller by selectively removing the least important pixels? Ariel Shamir of the Efi Arazi School of Computer Science in Israel has developed some software to automatically do just that, in realtime no less.
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+ - Bionic arm with muscle emulation

Gugo writes: "German based company FESTO had develop a bionic arm. The difference? It uses muscles emulation, with a product called "fluidic muscle". Is like a normal animal-human muscle but moved instead of blood by air running inside. The capabilities of this muscle are rapid response,small size,very simple to assembly and easy to control. Also in the website they show fluidic muscles in gamers application with a car race simulator. It seems at comparative low cost against similar devices. Films of this applications you can find there. Airic's_arm ed49f2394ea43c12572b9006f7032.htm Airmotion_ride c57ccbb36acf3c12572b900703b19.htm"

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