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Comment: Re:Copper and alcohol (Score 1) 40

by Carewolf (#49382565) Attached to: Thousand-Year-Old Eye Salve Kills MRSA

A couple of pretty toxic ingredients there. I suppose as a topical remedy you could use it. But saying it's as effective as any modern remedy sounds like a bit of a stretch.

Considering the MRSA is resistant to modern antibiotics I would assume pretty much anything is as effective as any modern medicine on it. Hell homeopathics might work as well.

Comment: Re:Phew! Finally! (Score 1) 116

I know you were speaking ironically, but I've hired goats for old-field recovery (rehabbing a field site that infilled with exotic shrubs like english/eurasian privet, honeysuckles, multiflora rose, buckthorn, russian and autumn olive).

They bring in the goats, stake them with a 15-20' chain and let them eat to their heart's content. You're paying for transportation to the site, veterinary care, water, and supplemental feed (the food quality is so bad, the goats can starve to death packed full of roughage).

We did a chunk of land like this, and a chunk of land with volunteers with swedish axes, saws, and loppers. The goats did a more thorough job and MUCH faster (and you didn't have to burn a brush pile after). The only downside to the goats is they're non-selective... you can't leave any nice native species you find (bye bye hazelnut!).


Comment: chain of evidence (Score 4, Insightful) 137

by goombah99 (#49375001) Attached to: Silk Road Investigators Charged With Stealing Bitcoin

These two were tied up in the chain of evidence that led to his conviction, so depending on what gets tossed he has a chance here. Now he did admit that at one time he was DPR and that he had resumed work under the alias so he's probably not going to get everything overturned. But his defense was that someone else associated possibly with MTGOX was the mastermind framing him more recently.

So what's intriguing here is that one of the investigators was doing some shenanigams with MTGOX accounts and was involved in seizing MTGOX assets. Since MT GOX started having liquidity problems right during this investigation of Silk road, it really makes you wonder if this is where some of those missing assets went.

Furthermore the agents appear to have done things as their shenanigans came to light to obfuscate the trail back to them. This is not too far afield from ulricht's claim that someone was framing him, asking him to step in as DPR, and putting keys on his computer.

It actually seems it's not far fetched to imagine Ulricht was telling the truth about having relinquished DPR that someone suddenly invited him back into the game as the FBI closed in. Perhaps there's some grains of truth in there somewhere. e.g. maybe one of the agents did add his bitcoin keys to Urichts computers.

Given those sorts of conjectures it seems very reasonable he should get a new trial. He's guilty by his own admission, but maybe not guilty of everything he's charged with.


Apple Extends Its Trade-In Program 54

Posted by samzenpus
from the how-much-will-you-give-me-for-it? dept.
Mark Wilson writes "Earlier in the month it was reveal that Apple was about to start offering gift cards as part of a trade-in program for people buying new a new iPhone. The updated program has now gone live so you can take your old Apple device, or non-Apple smartphone to an Apple store, or mail it in to receive credit. The credit can be used in store or online against the purchase of a new Apple device, and this program expansion is the latest move from Apple to try to tempt users away from other platforms. You can check online to see how much you can expect to receive for your existing phone and decide whether it's worth your while. Hint: it might not be.

If You Want To Buy an Apple Watch In-Store, You'll Need a Reservation 190

Posted by samzenpus
from the for-the-discerning-time-enthusiast dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Good news for those of you thinking of buying an Apple watch but were concerned the experience wouldn't feel exclusive enough. According to MacRumors there will be no walk-in sales the first few weeks of launch. Instead, you'll have to call the store and make reservations. From the article: "Apple will begin offering online pre-sales of the Apple Watch starting on April 10th, with the first deliveries occurring on April 24th, the official Apple Watch launch date. During those two weeks, customers will be able to have hands-on 'try-on' appointments at Apple retail stores in order to help make up their mind. However, according to training documents that MacRumors has received, Apple is not allowing any walk-in retail purchases for the Apple Watch at launch. Instead customers must make an online 'Product Reservation' to hold a specific Apple Watch model at a retail store. This new 'Product Reservation' system is used instead of Apple's 'Personal Pickup' system for Apple Watches. Apple's retail training documents indicate that 'If a customer walks in and wants to purchase a watch, offer the option to try on a watch. Then help them place an order online or through the Apple Store app.'"

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