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Comment: !newsfornerds (Score 0) 43

by mdm42 (#45042849) Attached to: HHS-Run Website Hacked To Hawk Boots, Perfumes, and NFL Jerseys
At what point do we get past every cracked website being "news for nerds, stuff that matters"? It's not. It's either a criminal matter or it's a story of negligence or incompetence. This might have been a story in 1999, but today it certainly doesn't qualify as the slightest bit interesting in any technical way. Similarly, news about US government employees and websites,... it's not news for nerds. It may well be important to many /. readers who live in the USA. It might even have some significance as World News. But "stuff that matters" to technically-inclined people? Not so much. Post it to Reddit, then, but it doesn't belong here.

*sigh* I guess I want my /. of 2005 back. Now get the hell off my lawn.

Comment: Re:A relevant link: (Score 1) 216

by mdm42 (#44744173) Attached to: Facebook To Overhaul Data Use Policy

I made mention on /. that I disabled my account 4 years ago but it wasn't, I went through the motions but it claimed I could revive my account by logging in again. Someone replied to me how to really delete your facebook account. I logged in with my old info and there it was -my account I closed out ages ago; hopefully it's gone now.

It would be useful if you would detail the steps you took to "really delete" your Facebook account. Others might benefit. ;)

Comment: Roast (Score 1, Informative) 663

by mdm42 (#43599243) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What If We Don't Run Out of Oil?
We all get to roast in the human-induced Global Climate Change that results form dumping all that C into the atmosphere. More realistically, we get to starve as our crops and farming methods fail to cope with the variability implied by climate change, aggravated by the terribly, dangerously narrow genetic diversity in agricultural varieties in use because we've allowed major corporations to "patent" and "exclusively license" the genestock that feeds us.

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