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Comment Re: What do you mean... (Score 1) 187

Amen, brother! I too can honestly say I prefer searching through menus (not much searching required, actually) to searching through a bunch of hieroglyphs, I mean icons, on the ribbon. And you could have disagreed with the part about "putting the most used features at the users fingertips"--most of what's in the ribbons is not stuff I use (when was the last time anyone used "Mailings"?), and some of the stuff I use is not on the ribbons.

Comment Re:What do you mean... (Score 1) 187

The problem is that for those of us who grew up with alphabetic writing systems, rather than hieroglyphics, the ribbon is a mess of useless pictures that you can't get rid of. (You can hide the ribbon, but when the ribbon is open you can't get rid of those useless and indecipherable icons.)

At least that's one of the problems. Another problem, IMNSHO, is that the ribbon only has room for a small number of actions, most of which I (and probably you) don't use. Like in Word, everything under the Mailings tab.

Comment Light of Other Days (Score 1) 37

If only someone would get around to inventing Slow Glass. Then we could have the sunlight coming in our houses after dark, warming the house (in cold weather) when it needs it the most. Or with a sufficient thickness of Slow Glass, we could have the summer sunlight coming in during the winter.

If you haven't heard of Slow Glass, try searching for the subject line.

Comment Re:I think I have this! (Score 1) 83

I had exercise-induced urticaria, but it was the result of an actual food allergy. I would occasionally break out in hives after a long run, or when taking a hot shower after a run. I went to a dermatologist (or maybe it was an allergist, I forget now) and had the 40-pin skin test. It showed a pronounced allergy to beef and tomatoes. I stopped eating beef and tomatoes before a run (so long Philly cheese steaks...), and haven't had urticaria in over ten years, despite still running distances and taking hot showers.

Disclaimer: I've never used a jackhammer.

Comment Re:Article paid by Apple to boo over it. (Score 1) 456

Call me Weird, but I had an Android phone for two years, and now I have a Windows phone. I find the Windows phone much easier to use; the UI seems so much clearer. (And no, I use Windows 7 on my home computer, not Windows 8.) Setting an alarm on my old Android phone is an exercise in frustration, as trying to scroll to a particular number results in constant overshoots. In contrast, setting an alarm on my Windows phone is easy. My Windows phone comes with an excellent weather app; all the weather apps I tried on my Android were advertising-ridden junk, IMHO. I could go on about the email apps, the maps, and so on, but I'm afraid no one will believe me. And I can get rid of any built-in apps I don't want on my Windows phone; try that in Android, without jail breaking.

Obviously there are many more apps for Android and iPhones, but they mostly don't matter to me. (It would be nice if my bank had an app for my Windows phone, but they don't. That's probably the only one I miss, but I can use the browser instead.)

I'll be disappointed if Windows phones go away, and I'll probably hold on to mine as long as it works. And of course you're much less likely to get malware on a Windows phone. (Ordinary Windows viruses can't infect a Windows phone, because the code base is entirely different; and no virus writer in his right mind would target the Windows phones, precisely because of their low market penetration.)

I've never had an iPhone, so I can't comment on that.

Is there anyone out there who shares my opinion?

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