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Comment Re:non-ASCII (Score 1) 210

Yeap, I understand: as a computational linguist I'm rare and definitely not the main target of these fontmongers. For instance, I do Python or fst programming in which I occasionally need to embed non-ASCII (and non-Latin) characters in the code, such as Bangla (Bengali) or Arabic script characters. In Python, there are ways of dealing with such characters without embedding the characters themselves (e.g. by referring to their code points)--but it's often simpler to just use the characters. For instance if I want to write out a multi-character affix it's easiest to do so using a string consisting of the characters. And in the fst programs (xfst/lexc and more recently sfst), afaik I have to write out the individual characters.

Comment Re:That's messed up (Score 1) 203

Why do you think MightyMartian is a fake name? I thought everyone knew they had a climate crisis on Mars centuries (if not millenia) ago, and the subsequent drought is why they dug the canals. The CO2 in their atmosphere was a too-late attempt to increase the temperature before global cooling, er climate change, took over. The canals and the oases that Schiaparelli and Lowell saw in the late 19th century dried up during the early 1900s, giving rise to the dust storms that confronted the Soviet Mars 2 and 3, and American Mariner 9 probes in the early 1970s. MightyMartian is doubtless one of the survivors, sent to warn us about climate change. (The notion that Mars was attacking was due to a bug in their translator.)

Comment Re:Alaska (Score 1) 203

Yeah, I'm wondering about that premise in the original article: (all?) dry areas will get drier, and (all?) wet areas wetter. How do we know it won't be the other way around? This can only be the prediction of a model, and the predictions from models, even the short term/ local ones, thus far don't strike me as very good. In particular, predictions about winter snowfall and hurricane seasons seem to have been way off for the last 10-20 years.

Comment pronunciation (Score 1) 46

I hope they can pronounce it. It's s.t. like [yotebur], at least that's what I recall from when I was there ten or twelve years ago. If English speaking people pronounce it the way it's spelled, the Vikings may start raiding our coasts.

Ok, just found it in the Wikipedia article, and it's [jtbrj]: that's a front rounded vowel in the first syllable, and a sort of [i] ('ee') on the end. I guess my pronunciation was/is pretty bad. But not as bad as it would be if I tried to use the spelling (and my English pronunciation) as a guide.

Comment AT&T vs. Verizon (Score 2) 142

I've always used Verizon (for several years now via Straighttalk), because on paper their coverage outside of cities looks better than the rest, including AT&T. But on several recent road trips between Baltimore and West Virginia on I-70 and I-68, I've had zero (as in zilch, none, nada) Verizon coverage from Hagerstown MD west to and including Fairmont WV, while my daughter's AT&T (Straighttalk) has fine coverage almost all the way. So I'm wondering whether the on-line maps I've found are really accurate. does seem to show Verizon disappearing past Hagerstown, and AT&T continuing, which at least in this case seems to match reality.

How reality is outside of the couple areas I've traveled, I don't know. Along the interstate is usually good, off that...YMMV.

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