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Reminds me: on rare occasion I need to use Internet Explorer (like to edit some doc on sharepoint--sometimes that works with Firefox, sometimes not). I can't ever find IE in the Windows Start menu, not as iexplorer, internet explorer, or anything else I can think of. Had this experience on several computers, and had to open Windows Explorer and navigate to C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\something. Why?

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(replying to myself--yeah, I talk to myself, but at least I don't lose arguments with myself) I noticed today that the status bar at the top of the Outlook 2013 preview panel has three lines of junk, all of it (except for some useless icons) copied from the line in the message list above. Think you can hide that? In 2010 you could, but they took that tweak away in 2013.

Comment: It's even worse than the ribbon. (Score 1) 674

Office 2013 (which we just switched to at work, over my objections after being one of our office's "beta" testers) is even worse than 2010, which was worse than 2007. In 2007, they introduced the non-conforming title bar, so you could barely tell by looking whether an Office app had the focus. (It changed to slightly darker, but only slightly. I had to look at my other apps and by process of elimination figure out whether Office had focus.) In 2013, the title bar changes *not at all* when Office receives/ loses focus. It's always white (or always light gray or a slightly darker gray). I finally found a work-around, using a high-contrast "theme" in Windows forces the title bar to change color depending on focus. Of course everything else looks rather ugly, but I'm gradually tweaking what I can. And Office 2013 has the ugliest icons and buttons I've ever seen. Looks like it was designed for a VGA screen, or maybe CGA... If you don't believe me, google "microsoft office 2013 ugly".

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"A return of LISP machines might be nice." Yeah, because then I could run Steamer ( It emulated the steam plant I was in charge of (as MPA) in the Navy 1972-1975. Without all the dirt, oil, seawater, tobacco smoke, and corrosion (not to mention sea sickness).

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Your sig line is misattributed. That quote cannot come from a Chinese speaker, you can tell because it uses the indefinite article "a". Everyone knows the Chinese don't do that. Haven't you read any fortune cookies lately? My own guess is that it was Ben Franklin who said that. -- Stamp out sig lines!

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