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by mcswell (#47781629) Attached to: The Grumpy Programmer has Advice for Young Computer Workers (Video)
Well, that was my reaction, too. This guy is old, and he must have started programming when computers were really new. So he's unique. Then I realized that I'm over 60 (64, in fact) and that I (afair) was in my teens (19) when I took my first computer programming class (Fortran and PL/1). So either he's not so old, or I'm really old. But I'm only grumpy when I'm awake.

Comment: Re:The Curse of AI (Score 1) 33

Lots of programs search for some value of a variable, with conflicting criteria. They know when they have reached an answer (conclusion); whether it is the right answer, or only a local minima, is not always clear, either to the program or to the person using it. But then people commonly arrive at erroneous conclusions concerning an answer, too. And for that matter, if the criteria are conflicting, then by definition I don't think there is a *right* answer--the answer that's best depends on how you weight those criteria. Some of these programs are conceptually quite simple, e.g. we have one we use to search for possible correctly spelled words, given a possibly misspelled input. It outputs a list of answers that are above some threshold of "rightness", as measured by how likely the correction(s) are under some notion of a likely error. You might consider the top answer to be "truth" (although it's not always unique). I would not call this program intelligent.

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by mcswell (#47579217) Attached to: New Display Technology Corrects For Vision Defects
Um - no. I'm farsighted, and like all farsighted people, I can see things at a distance (other cars, say, or the cell phone in that driver's hand) just fine. It's the text on my own cell's gps that I can't see without my reading glasses. (I have 20-14 vision, meaning I can see at 20 feet what the average person needs to stand 14 feet away to see. I just can't focus up close, meaning a foot or two away.) So no, I do NOT need my glasses to drive. And unlike you, I'm not lost.

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Reminds me: on rare occasion I need to use Internet Explorer (like to edit some doc on sharepoint--sometimes that works with Firefox, sometimes not). I can't ever find IE in the Windows Start menu, not as iexplorer, internet explorer, or anything else I can think of. Had this experience on several computers, and had to open Windows Explorer and navigate to C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\something. Why?

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