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Data Storage

Submission + - Western Digital introduces 3TB My Book Studio (

An anonymous reader writes: External hard drives are available in a number of different guises to suit an individual need. That includes drives specifically designed to not look out of place next to the aesthetics of a Mac computer or laptop.

Western Digital has designed its latest external drive specifically for that purpose. The My Book Studio is a desktop storage solution that places a Caviar Green hard drive inside a brushed aluminium casing. This combination not only makes for a gorgeous exterior, but also allowed Western Digital to leave out any fans for cooling. So it looks good and is completely silent except for the whirring drive inside.

As this is a drive mainly aimed at Mac owners you get both USB 2.0 and Firewire 800/400. Of course, it’s compatible with PCs too, but then the lack of USB 3.0 may be a deal breaker for most people. The lack of Thunderbolt may also be a let down for Mac users too.

There’s three models of the My Book Studio offering 1, 2, or 3TB of storage. Software shipped with each drive includes an automatic backup solution, password protection options, and hardware encryption. Western Digital has been shipping a 3TB My Book option since the beginning of 2010, so you can buy with confidence that they’ve got the formula right by now.

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