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Comment Re:Not an AMD CPU (Score 1) 57 57

I'm bully on ARM, with the (almost) collapse of AMD as a "first rate" processor, it's good to see Intel get some serious competition in a significant market space.

My only beef with ARM is that comparing CPUs is harder than comparing video cards! the ARM space is so fragmented with licensed cores and seemly random numbers indicating the "version" that I have no idea how, for example, a SnapDragon 808 processor compares to a Cortex A9 or an Apple A7.

Really, I'm lost. But the $40 TV stick with the 4x core A9 works pretty well...

Comment Re:It isn't stable yet... (Score 1) 172 172

I am amaze.

I had Windows Vista up on a (then rather beefy) 3-core 64B Athlon with 3 GB of RAM. IT WAS A DOG. Figure several minutes until it was responsive on boot, etc. Double-click a program and wait for the icon to blink, etc.

Upgrading the machine to Windows 7 without changing *anything* and it was like a new computer! It booted much faster, programs launched quickly enough that the coffee maker started to feel abandoned.

And it was *always* that slow, it wasn't due to malware.

Comment Re: Holy shit, this is some wank. (Score 1) 165 165

You can blame the people as much as you like, but failing to consider the power of the media (aka Faux News, CNN, etc) is folly.

I wonder how much of that "ignoramus effect" is due to people actively being spoon fed garbage information?

Watching commentary on any news network is a veritable "here's how" for logical fallacies.

Comment I prefer Google TV! (Score 4, Informative) 133 133

Chromecast all but requires another smart device running (continuously) to control it. You can't control it directly.

Google TV, on the other hand, AKA "Android TV Sticks", are a full-on Android device, just like your phone or tablet, but without the screen. You control it with something like a mouse/keyboard.

You can turn off your phone/laptop while using a Google TV. You can browse the Internet on your Google TV, without using anything else to help. You can plug in a keyboard/mouse and use it like a computer! You buy apps on it from Google play, just like any other android device, and it's very compatible!

I just loved my first TV stick that I bought on Amazon (MK808b) for $35! I just bought an MK809 when my MK808b finally died after 3 or 4 years of daily use, and it has (so far) been a nice upgrade. Faster processor, better wifi reception, more memory/storage. Still runs just fine off the power from the USB port on the side of my TV...

PS: To control one of these, you want a "flying mouse remote". It's a keyboard that "mouses" by waving it in the air.

Comment Warning: DO NOT USE SAMSUNG SSDs IN LINUX SERVERS (Score 5, Informative) 195 195

We've been using Samsung drives in "non production" status servers, embedded servers, etc. and have had a terrible time of it. The first drives we bought a few years ago (840 Pro) were good, but we've seen Samsung SSDs run entirely through their write capacity (as reported by SMART) and then go dead when not even mounted! Turns out we aren't the only ones to get bit by buggy Samsung drives.

It also turns out that Samsung drives are even blacklisted in the Linux Kernel

I welcome Samsung's excellent cost/size value proposition! I just wish their drives were solid enough for our actual use.

Comment Re:Give me battery or give me death (Score 1) 134 134

My current laptop, a Dell Precision M3800 has it all: light weight, powerful, reasonable (if not fantastic) battery life, 4K screen, and native support for Linux, out of the box but it's hard to figure out what something the same size would be like at 1/4 the weight.

But I'm agreeing with other comments: I'd rather have this exact weight laptop with 3 days of battery life.

A few years back, I bought the phone with the very best battery life and I don't regret it one minute. Now on its third year, the phone still easily powers through a day with 50% or so battery life, and never leaves me high and dry when flying commercially which is when battery life is most important.

My next phone will be the phone with the best battery life Now that I finally have a powerful laptop that isn't also dreadfully heavy, battery life will once again be #1 for my next purchase.

Comment Re:A corrupt company stuggling. Boo hoo. (Score 1) 133 133

What's sad is that UOP really could have done it! If they offered actual counseling guidance, and curricula that didn't just suck, and made sure that their clients passed classes with rigor, they could have *easily* made a profitable college with good reviews and earned trust.

Instead, they violated that trust, and probably deserve to be shut down.

Comment Re:Wifi saturation? (Score 1) 152 152

What I find fucks with wifi is big thick walls.

I just bought a house. One of the things I was initially pleased to find is that it was built with full-on, 3/4" sheet rock - quality construction!

That is, until I plugged in my wifi router and tried to connect from my bedroom. I don't know what it is about 3/4" sheetrock made in 1978, but it's practically a Faraday cage. I'm contemplating setting up numerous routers with 1-antenna per room so you can get decent access everywhere in the house.

A compromise position in the hall closet gets the bedrooms *almost* OK through the doors...

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." -- Albert Einstein