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Comment Doesn't Matter if We're Sick of It (Score 1) 826

There is no politician that will ever get rid of the TSA because:

A: It doesn't bother them.
B: If an attack occurs, regardless of circumstances, they will be blamed.
C: This would be exploited as "weakness" or "sympathetic" by their rivals.
D: There is no downside for them to leave things as they are.


Comment Yes, Yes (Score 0) 96

Apple evil. Google angelic. Discuss. Google should make a commercial where hordes of drab, chain-laden shills are listening to Steve on a huge video display spout off about conformity. Then that one guy, the CEO that stole phone secrets while on Apple's board, forgot his name, anyway he breaks his chains and hurls a giant penguin into the video screen. And, and, it shatters. And then all the sheeple break out of their bonds and...well, you know.

Bow to your god, slashdot. Bow to google.

Comment Go on... (Score 2) 518

And allow me to extrapolate:

" As with most reports of game bans, we have only the word of random gamers that they were banned for the reason they say they were banned."

and had I taken even a single course in journalism, I probably would have contacted Blizzard before posting this to what has become The Enquirer of "tech news".


Comment A Win? (Score 1) 256

tldr; Flop.

MC's preliminary review of the movie adaption of this iconic novel is: 2 1/2 Stallmans and an opening weekend of $382,000. Fail.

Give me a mainstream writer/director with a big budget any day. Not six degrees of separation between the director and success. Dragonlance all over again.


Comment Battle of the Douchebags (Score 1) 667

They both seem reprehensible to me. I hope they make life difficult for each other. I love this nonchalant line from the "victim":
"I have been sending DMCA take-down notices on so many sites it was becoming an cookie cutter assembly line process".

"Victim 1"
You took a picture. You weren't selling it. You just took a picture and people used it. For that they get their special-needs children's websites yanked. Douche.

"Victim 2"
You could have just asked nicely after the take down. I know it was a dick move to have your 14 sites shut down, but a nice plea may have made the Grinch's heart grow three sizes that day. This crazy bullshit? Come on.



Pumping Fluid With No Moving Parts 75

RogerRoast writes "In a study published in Physical Review B (abstract; full version is paywalled), researchers demonstrate for the first time an approach that allows ferrofluids to be pumped by magnetic fields alone. The invention could lead to new applications for this mysterious material. Though numerous industrial, commercial, and biomedical applications for ferrofluids have since been created, the original goal — to pump liquids with no machinery — remained elusive, until now. The ferrohydrodynamic pump method works when electrodes wound around a pipe force magnetic nanoparticles within the ferrofluids to rotate at varying speeds. Those particles closest to the electrodes spin faster, and it is this spatial variation in rotation speed that propels the ferrofluid forward."

Pricing: Apple Defies Australian Government 440

daria42 writes "This week it was revealed that Apple has still not responded to Australia's Federal Parliament on the issue of why the prices of its products are significantly higher in Australia than they are in the US, five months after the query was first raised by a member of parliament from Australia's governing Labor party. Apple has refused to issue a statement on the matter or even acknowledge the issue. What will it take to get Apple to open up — a national enquiry?"

HP Spinning Off WebOS and Exiting Hardware Business 514

A number of readers submitted rumors about some announcements HP was set to make today. Now, the announcements have actually happened, and the news looks grim. For starters, they are exiting the tablet and phone market and repositioning webOS for use in appliances and vehicles. While confirming they are in talks to acquire Autonomy, they also announced they are considering exiting the PC hardware business entirely in order to focus on their software business.

Facebook Says That Google+ Has No Users 360

dkd903 noticed another amusing shot in the battle between G+ and Facebook. CNN is running a story where Facebook's director of game partnership Sean Ryan basically says Google+ has no users. The article is mostly about casual gaming on social platforms, which I am really sick of individually blocking.

New SMS Trojan Found In Android Markets 114

Trailrunner7 writes "The Android platform seems to have become the playground of choice for attackers and malware authors looking to make a quick buck. The latest example is a premium-rate SMS Trojan that not only automatically sends costly SMS messages, but also prevents users' carriers from notifying them of the new charges. The new piece of malware, which is known as HippoSMS, has been found in unofficial Android app markets in China. This is just the latest in a series of similar incidents in which attackers and scammers have inserted either outright malicious apps or seemingly benign apps containing malware into app markets. Most of the attacks have targeted Android users, and several times Google has had to remove malicious apps from the official Android market."

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