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Journal: The Kevlar Kandidate Starts Kampaigning 12

Journal by damn_registrars
Looks who is back in Iowa, but the Kevlar Kandidate. Of course, his priority is Wisconsin, so he isn't officially running for POTUS (wink, wink) - he's just giving the best presidential speeches he can just in case there is a presidential election after his current term as governor is up.

Pop quiz - can you name a democrat who is not from Iowa who has spent more time in Iowa in 2015 than Scott Walker? Yeah, neither can anyone else.

I'm particularly looking forward to him selling himself as an outsider in light of the plain fact that

he has been in office for more than 75 percent of his adult life

Although since nobody seems to be bothered by the fact that his budgets have led to the opposite of their promises in almost every single case, they probably won't be bothered by this either.

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Journal: More Guns Get You What, Now? 31

Journal by damn_registrars
The FBI's Uniform Crime Report (UCR) has been released through 2012. While crime is generally down, it is interesting to notice the geographic distribution of property and violent crimes (Image 2/20). The highest rate of violent crime - 423.7 per 100,000 inhabitants - is in the south (Texas to Florida up to Maryland). The highest rate of property crime - 3,226.8 per 100,000 - is in that same region.
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Journal: 125 posts and nobody's called Godwin yet. 4

Journal by BarbaraHudson
Here's my first post

The stripping of citizenship for dual nationals will be popular as all heck, and its popularity has nothing to do with the current round of terrorism. Look how long it took to remove the citizenship of former Nazis hiding under new identities.

Ususally someone screams "Godwin" within minutes ... strange. Must be the topic bringing out the worst in people.

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Journal: Have slashdot admins checked out for the last time? 11

Journal by damn_registrars
When i was looking at my email today (yes, is real) I took a moment to check for slashdot-related mail in there. I noticed that there was an email that I sent to back in November when the message system was borked. Almost two months to the day and ... nothing.

While Taco was incompetent and irrelevant, he at least responded to email.

Journal: Today's Slashdot Experiment 42

Journal by damn_registrars
I noticed that my friend the fake conservative has shown up again recently to grace slashdot. I recall that some of the conservative regulars here have before claimed to not profile comments based on their authors but rather to judge them based on their content. So to see if my friend would follow their previous claims, I wrote a reply to one of his comments in a different style. We'll see if he - or any actual slashdot conservatives - bite.

Journal: Airtight flawless accusation? Not really. 15

Journal by damn_registrars
Accusing someone of something - be it criminal, trivial, or somewhere in between - when there is no way for them to prove that they have not done that something, does not mean you are automatically right. If I accuse someone of being a time-traveling alien responsible for the assassination of Lincoln that doesn't mean they are just because they can't disprove the allegations of being a time-traveling alien.
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Journal: I hate firefox updates that break stuff 13

Journal by BarbaraHudson

Every time I tried to access a subdomain by clicking on a story (,, etc), I would be logged out. Returning to the main page, I'm logged in again. Surprise, surprise, it doesn't happen in Chrome. So I guess that's it for me. Google has just managed to make me switch.

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Journal: Benghazi part seven 16

Journal by damn_registrars
The House did their own investigation on the Benghazi attacks from 2012. This was after a slew of other investigations into the same, which were of course all promptly discarded by conservatives for not coming to the "right" conclusions. Naturally, when the house released this, the conservatives who were so certain all the other ones had it wrong jumped for joy in the vindication of this report (which was of course steered by the conservative-controlled house), right?

After all, it was covered by all the media, wasn't it?

Well, at least the conservative-leaning paper in DC covered it.

The report dents many of the claims some Republicans have advanced, including rejecting the claim that CIA security officers were told to âoestand downâ and not try to rescue State Department personnel at the diplomatic compound under assault, and that the White House forced the CIA to alter talking points to delete references to a terrorist attack.

But go ahead, ask for another investigation. We don't really have anything better to do with billions of dollars, do we?

the top Democrat on that committee, Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland, said Fridayâ(TM)s report should close the books on the CIA talking-points part of their inquiry.

âoeAfter an exhaustive bipartisan investigation that spanned nearly two years, the House intelligence committee now unanimously agrees that the CIA talking points reflected conflicting intelligence assessments in the days immediately following the attacks and that there is no evidence that the intelligence community shipped arms to Syria,â Mr. Cummings said in a statement.

âoeBased on these unanimous, bipartisan findings, there is no reason for the Benghazi Select Committee to reinvestigate these facts, repeat the work already done by our Republican and Democratic colleagues, and squander millions of additional taxpayer dollars in the process,â he said.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal: You can call me... 23

Journal by damn_registrars
... your excellency. Mod-bombing me still doesn't move my karma, dumbshit. I'm honored that you're willing to waste your points on me, though. Do you talk with the other kids on your short bus about how this makes you feel?
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Journal: Hey, I was wrong! Isn't that great??? 8

Journal by BarbaraHudson

This year is not even 2 days old, and things are happening.

On December 15th, I wrote my Year in Review, in which I detailed the good, bad, and ugly things that had happened over the last year. I found out yesterday that I was wrong about failing to stop the Co-op developer.

One of my neighbours gave a lift to two people, one who is a former worker there, and the other who still works there. Seems I'm notorious around their offices. It turns out that by my delaying part of their work for more than 6 months, they couldn't get the progress payments from the bank that was lending them the money as a bridge loan. No money, contractor stops work, the monthly fixed costs still have to be paid ... so they're basically broke, and looking for a way out.

Turns out that I didn't need the cooperation of the people on the other side of the street to continue the resistance. So, one person can make a difference! Woot!

On another note, I don't like facebook. I've created accounts there several times, and abandoned them. The interface is clunky, there's not much in the way of serious (or even non-serious) debate - heck, even a good troll once in a while would be comic relief!

But I made another new account a while back (lost the old accounts' password), and after fooling around with it, ignored it.

Until New Years Eve. I had friended a few people, and facebook had suggested a few others, and I friended a few of them. My half-sister, who I've only seen once for maybe 15 seconds, is one of them. I really didn't know just how to approach her, but I wished her a Happy New Year, she returned the greeting, and we got to chatting. So now I have 6 sisters, not 5. Wow. Just ... wow!

I still think the design of facebook sucks, but for me, this kind of makes up for a lot of the suckage.

I hope your year is starting off as good as mine!

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