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mcgrew's Journal: Nobots Chapter Four 4

Journal by mcgrew

Chapter 4 is online.

Betty dropped by Saturday night for a visit. I'd asked her before I published if she'd proofread it, as she found the two deliberate typos in The Paxil Diaries (which I should publish in book form). She'd been in the middle of two other books and didn't want to take on a third.

"Already published," I said, handing my copy to her. "And sold a few." She opened to the first page and started reading -- and grinning, a good sign.

"What's 'Ezekial'?" she asked.

"A book in the bible."

"There's no book of Ezekial!"

"Yes there is," I said, getting my bible. I showed her.

"How 'bout that?" She said. "I love what I read so far. Most books it takes a chapter or two before I get sucked in, three paragraphs and I have to finish this!"

Wait until she gets to "Stratodoober Madness".

She went home with my copy, signed with the inscription "To my friend with benefits."

Not only are people buying it, it got me laid! I imagine that she's fantasized about writers before...

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Nobots Chapter Four

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