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Comment Re:Just a Few Thoughts (Score 1) 90

Yeah, I'd not say that it's a monopoly so much as there are alternatives but not many of them are very good. My home is in a *very* rural area. My choices are pretty much limited to those who have a peering agreement or resell VZW or I'm booted off in short order. I use US Cellular and they have their own towers and whatnot. However, they also have a peering agreement with VZW. T-Mobile seems to not have such an agreement and simply does not work in my area. AT&T works but they boot you off if it turns out you live there or spend most of your call time there. Neither has towers in the area.

Actually, only US Cellular has towers but VZW works fine. They've got some sort of peering agreement that allows one to not roam when you're using the others towers. AT&T will activate me, they've done so twice, but the phones indicate that they're roaming and they boot me off after just a couple of months with a letter saying that they're declining to provide service. I believe the inexpensive pay-by-month phones work but I have no details or knowledge. I've pretty much just accepted that I've limited choices and I don't even bother doing any searching any more nor do I even deal with billing or customer service or the likes - if I can help it.

Comment Re: Onboard with this idea (Score 1) 92

I like LXDE for its simplicity and speed. I don't need (or want) "pretty" so much as I want functional. LXDE is functional for me. I'm even able to make it look good (in my view). Here's an image that I took a while back - it's "busy" but it's not normally that busy.

The dock at the top only appears when I mouse-over the top and off-screen. That's not really a part of LXDE but I made it with the tools offered to manage task bars. Err... I'm not sure that was the goal of those who offered such tools but with the right settings, that's what I made. It works well enough and I think it looks fine.

LXDE is fast on older hardware and blazingly fast on new hardware. I guess Lubuntu is moving to LXQt so I'll have to see where that goes. Supposedly, it is much the same. I've not yet pulled down the 16.04 beta build to see what changes I can look forward to. I tried them all - well, all the fairly popular ones. There's little bloat with LXDE, it's straight forward, it's stable, it's light, it doesn't have a bunch of features that I'm not interested in, it's fairly basic but still robust enough for customization, and it results in something familiar to me.

So, I went with LXDE.

Anyhow, I had to say something. I mean, it looked like you were legitimately asking for information and not actually trying to flame, argue, or fight. Someone's gotta say something. Everyone's got their ego tied to such trivial things and anything seen as a slight will be taken personally. It's like a presumption that everyone wants to fight as opposed to converse, it's silly and it results in people fighting/arguing and doing stupid shit instead of actually communicating and learning. All because someone's ego is so frail and accomplishments so few that they're tied to some silly bit of software and anyone not conforming is not affirming their choice... It has to be an uncomfortable way to live one's life. I can't imagine what their interpersonal relationships look like.


Windows 10 Gets Core Console Host Enhancements ( 19

x0n writes: As of Windows 10 TH2 (10.0.1058), the core console subsystem has support for a large number of ANSI and VT100 escape sequences. This is likely to prepare for full Open SSH server/client integration, which is already underway over on github. It looks like xterm is finally coming to Windows. OpenSSH was previously announced (last year) by the very forward-looking PowerShell team. The linked article provides some context, and explains that the console host isn't the same as either cmd.exe or powershell.exe, but there is a lot of overlap in functionality.

Comment Re:Point of Order (Score 1) 338

You must be speaking about Limestone. I've been there too. It's closed now but they're still making some use of the old base. I've been out to where the POWs were housed in that area and over in a couple of other places up that way. There's one, slightly less known about, near Jackman, Maine. I've had more time to spend there than anywhere else in the area. By Maine standards, I'm sort of close to Limestone but the adage is true, "Ain't no way to get there from here." (It's a bit of a haul from home to Limestone by regular road. I can actually do it faster in the winter because there's a snowmobile trail that will take me over that way. Welcome to Maine.)

The complex you mention, I've not been to that one. I'll have to check it out when I get up that way again. My home is in Maine but I travel a lot. I'm actually wintering at a house I own in Florida. However, I expect I'll be out in the ND area before too long so I've bookmarked it and will look into it when I can get out there. It's bound to have interesting things - so I'll stop in when I'm out that way. Thanks!

The Cold War has left some interesting infrastructure all around. I did, with some degree of seriousness, consider an old missile silo purchase. I even made several inquiries. I should think it'd be neat to live in one.

There's now a minimum security prison there but in Charleston, Maine there's an old base. It was never very large and did just RADAR and communications. It was put up during WWII but managed to live on for a while afterwards. I think they closed in the 60s or 70s. There's some neat stuff there that I've had the chance to visit. I know one of the staff members and we've managed to bluff our way onto the facility a few times. It doesn't have fences or the likes, it's not like people are going to get far if they do escape and everyone there is a minimal security inmate.

I've got some pictures of my findings. I am unable to find them right now - even though I'm connected to my network at home in Maine. I'll keep looking but I spent a while already. I know I even put them in a special folder... With sub-folders... I'll just dump 'em online somewhere when I find 'em again and link you if I remember. I've had occasion to visit a few such places and a number of other types. I'm more of a WWII student but the Cold War was interesting - I lived through much of it as, presumably, you must have - given the date of closure for Limestone.

Anyhow, no worries. I will just blame it on the fact that I'm not nearly as articulate as I'd like and that trends to verbosity in an effort to clear things up. It's bound to be difficult for others to parse and tone is even more difficult to translate. I've set about trying to find some pictures but I'm now processing the data by date. That's gonna take a while. Should I find any, I'll upload and link.

Comment Re:No remote work - no job application (Score 1) 113

It's all about proletarianization. The cabal of self-described capitalists who own nearly all the Silicon Valley "startup" companies overwhelmingly come from backgrounds of social privilege and inherited wealth. This cabal is waging low intensity class war against tech workers, most of whom come from middle and lower-middle class families.

The VC class vehemently hates the idea of tech workers having any significant degree of autonomy and human dignity. They demand that all tech workers be chained to desks in San Francisco / Silicon Valley for 60+ hours a week, and be subject to the full range of totalitarian progressive speech and thought restrictions. They seek to force out of the industry those workers who refuse enserfment.

Tech workers of the world, remember: venture capitalists exploit nerds

Comment Re:Bring on the neutering! (Score 1) 33

I wouldn't phrase it quite like that, but you're absolutely right that PC gamers should wait for a bit. I picked up Rage for the PC right when it came out, and it was a complete mess. Carmack even apologized for it. He's not at id Software anymore, but hopefully the folks who are remember that lesson.


Unreal Engine Will Soon Allow Developers To Build Games Inside of VR ( 11

An anonymous reader writes: Epic Games, the creators of Unreal Engine, has been a longstanding supporter of VR. They were on board way back when Oculus sparked the VR industry in 2012 with a Kickstarter that would snowball into a rekindling of consumer virtual reality. Having been one of the first major game engines to support VR headsets like the Rift, the company has been aggressively positioning Unreal Engine as the go-to tool for VR developers. Now they're taking a massive next step, showing the first look at bringing developers themselves inside of virtual reality to craft games with the full set of UE4 tools at their fingertips. That means that developers can place and manipulate objects from right within a world in progress; the video demo in the linked story is impressive.

Comment Re:I guess I haven't understood this (Score 1) 3

How does it resembled something "overtly Democratic Party"?

To be fair, at this point I don't think that there is anything he did that was strictly illegal, I do however think it was of very questionable morality. His campaign made up numbers for these mailings and formatted them to look like they were coming from a government office - while implying that the recipient would be subject to some sort of punishment if they did not vote.

Cruz's bigger problem in terms of what is or is not legal would likely be from his phone campaign that was claiming Carson dropped out before the caucus was held. Even Fox News is having a hard time spinning that one into favorable light...

Comment Re:Sad in a philosophical sense (Score 1) 107

How to put this? Hmm... I'm in Florida for the winter. I'm in Panama City Beach area. I've done a whole lot of traveling in my life. Yesterday and today have been Mardi Gras and, at this one, it's "family friendly." Sending robots to the exclusion of sending humans is like going to Mardi Gras in Florida instead of Louisiana. Yeah, you can do it and the results are the same in that you can say you went to Mardi Gras but they're just not the same.

I'm not against sending robots. I'm against the trend that I see where people think sending humans is too hard and beyond our capacity. While that might be true for the current state, the idea of not working towards a better future because it's too hard or technical in nature is disheartening. It's like going to a "family friendly" Mardi Gras, decaffeinated coffee, alcohol-free beer, or sugar-free candy. You can do it but it's just not the same and not working towards something because it's too hard or too risky is just disheartening. It's even more disheartening when you were able to see them do this live.

Sometimes, you do things just because you can. "This, that, and the other things. Not because they are easy but because they are hard."

Comment Re:Caller ID Blocker (Score 1) 235

I do have a crazy ex and she likes to get drunk and call me with the caller ID set to private. If we trade numbers, you might not want to answer calls marked as private. Well, you can but she's some kind of crazy. I mean, like stab you in your sleep crazy - except she's never done that, just called me and told me she was going to. Like I can sleep if you're calling me over and over again?!?

But, you can answer 'em. She's pretty damned cute. Like model kind of cute. She did, in fact, have a modeling "career" at one point. And yes, yes I do have nudes but if you browse the 'net, you too can have nudes. She is, however, straight up crazy. Not the good kind of crazy but the truly insane crazy. Under the advice from my lawyer, I paid her to go away - kind of crazy.

Other than that? I pretty much only get calls from people I want to talk to. No telemarketers, no political surveys, no helpful guys trying to fix my Windows computer, nothing. I should get a second phone and number and just start putting it out there on lists and see if I can amuse myself with the various calls. It's not a secret or private number. There's no mechanism that makes me phone number any different than your number.

I've two land lines and one of those is unlisted and unpublished. That one also screens calls for me when I'm home. I'm nowhere near that phone, however. The number is not even forwarded. Right now, it has a message telling folks I'm gone and will be back. I'm sure it has messages but I've not checked them. The other? I think only locals know it and it's not meant to be answered (long story).

None of them get marketing, survey, or support calls. I'm kind of disappointed.


Ask Slashdot: Time To Get Into Crypto-currency? If So, Which? 61

Qbertino writes: With the ever-looming cyberpunk future in close proximity, I'm starting to wonder if it isn't time to get myself familiar with crypto currency as a means of trade. Bitcoin is all the hype, but the blockchain has flaws, in that it isn't as anonymous as one would hope for — you can track past transactions. Rumors of Bitcoin showing cracks are popping up and also there are quite a few alternatives out there. So I have some questions: Is getting into dealing with crypto currency worthwhile already? Is Bitcoin the way to go, or will it falter under wide use / become easily trackable once NSA and the likes adapt their systems to doing exactly that? What digital currency has the technical and mind-share potential to supersede bitcoin? Are there feasible cryptocurrencies that have the upsides of Bitcoin (such as a mathematical limit to their amount) but are fully anonymous in transactions? What do the economists and digi-currency nerds here have to contribute on that? What are your experiences with handling and holding cryptocurrency? And does Bitcoin own the market or is it still flexible enough for an technology upgrade?

Comment Re:Why the fuck isn't Mozilla panicking?! (Score 1) 386

I really didn't care much about what was under the hood but what I saw as a user. Oh, I've got the snapshot installed and load it via the terminal but not often. I do a subset of things in there and toss it off onto a different "desktop" and then "work" (ha, right!) in that virtual desktop to keep things from being less confused. At any rate, Presto was nice and all but it isn't keeping me back from continuing to use Opera and I'm not one of those folks who decided to stick with the (now) very old version which is, I think, somewhere around 12 or maybe 15. Alas, I'm too lazy to switch. ;-)

I'd probably use it more if I didn't have to remember the switch in the terminal. I've only got it installed on three separate boxes but it's flaky on two of them. I do have it installed on a few others but they're not real - they're virtual machines. It works like a champ in virtual machines. In both failing cases, they're fairly modern nVidia GPUs but not lagging far behind and not bleeding edge. I'm not a gamer and don't even care about HD movies. However, they do HD just fine (I thnk?) and they're neither old nor exceptionally new.

I use a rather vanilla install of Lubuntu and use the open source drivers. I've tried with the proprietary drivers and the result is the same so I went back to the open source drivers. The one that is "good" is a laptop. The two that don't work are a desktop and a laptop. It works fine in every VM that I've tried.

I approached the company and mentioned the need for the switch. I've even found others who have expressed a need for this switch. I have had, shall we say, a less than stellar experience while interacting with them. They may not be "they" in this case, I'm not sure if it was/is a user or a company representative. If I've got an error log and can repeat it, well... That means it exists, at least on my system. If I've got a missing option (on all other Chromium based browsers) that mean they intentionally deleted that option. They can put it back. Hell, I could put it back and I program like garbage.

Given that I have the source, I may just do that. I should be able to do a dif and find it after using a file search to pull the text out for the name on the option itself. Then I can just slap it where I want and patch new versions. I'd upload it and share it with them but it's obvious that they don't want the option. :/

Comment Re:The gun is pointing at the foot (Score 1) 386

Yup. It's excellent. I've been using it for ages - since the early days. It's got some quirks and it's not the easiest to figure out without reading the manual but I got it. I've got it fairly automated so that I share the settings between computers and updates get pushed to a central repository when I remember to save them. It took some human training but I've got that fairly well down now. If I've made any changes, I save it to the repository. I then just grab it when I'm using a session on a different box or different browser/user. It's not absolutely ideal but it works.

I did some reading, because of this same thread, and it looks like it also does what RequestPolicy does. So, they'd be able to dump two extensions in favor of one. I'm not a huge fan of the whitelist approach but it seems to work well in this case. I've acclimated and found it valuable. I'd like something with heuristics but the complexity and size would be absurd. So, I guess whitelist is appropriate as I'd be too lazy to blacklist everything.

I've actually tried to send the author money and he declined. It wasn't a lot but it was probably a bit more than most might send. I understand his reasoning though I do like supporting various projects. Hell, I think I mentioned it in this thread? I used to donate to Firefox and I don't even use it normally. Competition means my browser makers have to stay on their toes. I also gotta stop typing Chrome when I mean Chromium. Ah well...

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