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Comment: Re:huh? (Score 1) 269

by mccrew (#48003209) Attached to: 2015 Corvette Valet Mode Recorder Illegal In Some States

This wouldn't be any different from putting hidden cameras in your house when the babysitter is over. You're not in a public place, so you should have a reasonable expectation of privacy.

Nope, wrong. It's your house. You can put all the cameras you want inside of it. There are no restrictions..

So to take that argument to its conclusion, then it is OK to place a hidden camera in a bathroom where babysitter might be bathing, changing, or other state of partial undress?

Comment: Re:Battery Life (Score 1) 253

by mccrew (#47974307) Attached to: Do Specs Matter Anymore For the Average Smartphone User?

That's the only thing people care about. Get it to work for more than 10hours

If only that were true then people would still be using Blackberries, which are famously stingy in their battery consumption and could go days between charges. If anything, the market has said overwhelmingly that battery life doesn't matter a whit, and customers continue to snap up whatever is the must-have phone of the day. Carriers are not necessarily motivated to push for better battery life, as they like the revenue bump that comes with upselling an extra desk charger and a car charger to get the phone through the day.

Battery life is one of those things. Everyone says they want Mary Anne, but they always pick Ginger.

Comment: Re:Ecch ... (Score 1) 74

by mccrew (#47967741) Attached to: Google Partners With HTC For Latest Nexus Tablet focus on building awesome hardware. delivering an android phone with slightly different UI elements isn't going to differentiate you from your competitor.

Problem is that the hardware isn't really all that different. Look at phones and tablets - they're converging to pretty much the same look - thin mostly-black slabs, with rounded edges and big touch screen. Most platforms have the same sensors (accelerometers, GPS, etc.), similar screens, etc. That's not enough differentiation.

Why do people buy iPhones or Androids? It's all about the apps, the community, the experience, making a fashion statement. Pretty much everything other than hardware. The hardware's just something that's expected to be there to facilitate all the rest.

Comment: Don't you mean 4x the resolution? (Score 1) 140

by mccrew (#47655535) Attached to: Google's Satellites Could Soon See Your Face From Space
Ok, nitpicking here, but whatever. If you go from 50 cm to 25 cm resolution, yes, that's double the resolution. But an image exists 2 dimensions, so it's double in the x direction and double in the y direction for a total improvement of 4 times. What used to be one pixel is now four.

Comment: Re:1% (Score 1) 148

by mccrew (#45747947) Attached to: IDC: 40 Percent of Developers Are 'Hobbyists'

I ... can crank out pretty much bug free code until the cows come home.

In my experience, one never stops creating bugs, they just get more subtle and harder to find. Nothing personal against you of course, but the statement above calls to mind the study that demonstrated how the less a person knew about a particular topic, the higher his level of confidence about his competence in that topic.

Comment: Re:All of them. (Score 1) 226

by mccrew (#44053297) Attached to: Google's Crazy Lack of Focus: Is It Really Serious About Enterprise?

There is no real reason why Google can't do all of these things.

Well actually there is one: as a public company, they are expected to maximize profits. Even with the myriad of interesting projects and products, 99% of Google's revenue and profit comes from search-based advertisements. At the end of the day, that's where they'll circle the wagons. Everything else is, well, everything else.

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