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Comment Truecrypt + Virtual Machines (Score 1) 395

Why not try this: Take your boss' offer of the laptop and install both Truecrypt and VMWare / Virtual PC etc... Make a truecypt container that is as large as your own personal windows installation needs to be, mount the container as a second drive; then make a VMWare / Virtual PC machine and save it to that drive. Therefore you can keep the laptop clean, and still have your own environment to work in. There is a time issue here... i;e; it takes longer to mount and load up the VirtualPC image than it would a normal windows installation... but it gives you good privacy. OR Take the offer of the laptop, remove the hard disk... replace it with your own fully system encrypted disk, then when your boss yells "Timkins! Get in here! I WANT THAT LAPTOP BACK!" You simply swap the original disk back in, and there is no problems. Your boss can't claim any ownership of the hard disk YOU bought can he?!

Submission + - Alcatel-Lucent releases 3G PCMCIA secure card.

mcai8rw2 writes: "Does this article truly make 'Dark Reading'

It casually describes how major hardware/comms. company Alcatel-Lucent are developing and demonstrating a PCMCIA card for laptops that allow the 'administrators' remote access to the laptop from anywhere in the world.

The PCMCIA card has its own battery, operating system [and Yes...it DOES run Linux], it own 3G communication device.

From the article:

It acts as an "always-on" computer within the laptop so IT managers can track, secure, update, patch, and back up laptops from afar even if they are powered off. It can also let IT locate a lost or stolen laptop via a built-in GPS on the card.
Read the article here:

http://www.darkreading.com/document.asp?doc_id=117 452&WT.svl=news1_1

Is this the next big thing for corporate Laptops? Given the spate of recent laptop thefts... including Nationwides £1m fine for 'loosing' a laptop,

I for one welcome our new Big Brother Overlords."

Submission + - TGV breaks speed record

zeux writes: While testing the new Paris — Strasbourg line, the TGV broke a 17 years old speed record (babelfish translation), travelling at 553 km/h (343 mph). The last record, of 515 km/h (320 mph), was set on May, 18th 1990. According to the French National Railroad Company (SNCF) the testing campaign will continue and speeds up to 570 km/h (354 mph) could be atteigned by June of this year.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Giant Squid Species Blinds Prey With Light Bursts

ar1550 writes: The BBC reports that one species of squid, the 2 meter (7ft.) long Taningia danae, is believed to use light-emitting organs on its tentacles to confuse its prey. Scientists also raised the possibility that the display of bioluminescence is used in attracting a mate. The link includes a video, if you have Windows Media or Real installed.

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