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Comment: Re:Texas electricity consumers can get this info f (Score 1) 58

by mc_secular (#36980306) Attached to: Monitor Household Energy From Your Smartphone
I met the folks who manage Smart Meter Texas last month. They said it is underbuilt on purpose so that Retail Electricity Providers (there are 80+ in Texas) can craft custom apps on top of the portal data platform. Gives the REPs a new area to compete in besides price and 'green-ness'.

+ - Stealing passwords using TOR->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: Remember that guy who published email passwords of 100 embassies? He reveals how he's done that. He used "Five ToR exit nodes ... equipped with our own packet-sniffer focused entirely on POP3 and IMAP traffic using a keyword-filter". Futhermore he states that government agencies in the US, Russia and around Asia are hosting TOR exit nodes and might be doing the same thing right now. This is supported by Heise Security who observed that the number of exit nodes in China grew from less than five to 77 in the last year — and guess who is operating TOR exit nodes in China.
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