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Comment: Re:Helium shortage, US govt effed-up (Score 1) 110

Air is 5 ppm helium and 15 ppm neon. Neon lifts balloons too, but we don't use it because it's too expensive to recover from the air, and recovering helium is even more inefficient.

We'll never run out on any timescale that matters, the loss to outer space is only concern over geological time spans.

NOTHING is a concern over geological time periods! The Sun will eventually swallow the Earth- but nobody seems to care too much. Helium depletion on Earth will be a blip on a geological time scale, but during that blip helium will be just a memory to several thousand generations.

Helium is for sissies anyway. I don't care if Donald Trump commutes to work in a blimp refilled with freshly scented helium-3 every morning. MY airship has a pedal-powered generator to pump current through a electrolysis chamber. Hydrogen works so much better than helium anyway... it really gets you high.

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The main reason for doing it with mattresses is that it lets brick and mortar stores compete with online and makes price comparisons hard. I looked at some mattresses in a shop, where I could try lying on them, and then tried to check the price online and see if the local store was competitive (I'd accept some premium for being able to try it, but not an extra 100% markup). Not only could I not find the same model online, I couldn't find it in other brick and mortar stores either. I've no idea whether the two that were priced differently were the same, or just nearly the same.

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by TheRaven64 (#48427693) Attached to: "Barbie: I Can Be a Computer Engineer" Pulled From Amazon
The first amendment says that the government can't stop you from saying things they don't like. Free speech in general says that someone in a position of power can't stop you from saying things that they don't like. No matter how much free speech you have, the rest of society is still free to think you're an idiot when you open your mouth...

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so does the modern feminism coming from the left

Most of the explanations of what 'modern feminism' is that I've seen have come from its detractors. Actual modern feminists seem pretty rare and, when you do meet them, far more rational than either their detractors or their portrayal by their detractors.

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Yes, I use it (I don't use Firefox on the desktop, and haven't since around 2002). It has fine-grained cookie control, which seems to be something other Android browsers try to avoid, and with the self-destructing cookies plugin is the first browser to actually do what I want with cookies (delete them aggressively unless I explicitly ask for them to be kept). The UI is clean and it runs very smoothly on my Moto G (Cortex A7, cheap phone aimed at cheapskates and developing countries)

Comment: Re:LOL! Firefox has 10% of the market! (Score 1) 382

Older Android has a different WebKit-based browser. I installed Firefox when they tried to push Chrome: I was quite surprised, as I'd been unimpressed with earlier versions. It has a nicer UI and better privacy settings than Chrome on my phone. I'm very happy with the self-destructing cookies plugin.

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The queuing theory to work out the solution gets very complicated (far more complicated than I can be bothered with for a Slashdot post). The distance between the cars is probably enough (although you'd want some margin for error) if they're all staying one breaking distance apart, but they'd also need to make sure that they are either regular, or that the streams in each direction have the same gaps. That's going to require some rearrangement on the road, which will lead to the ripple effects that the grandparent mentions. And, if there are going to be human inhabitants in the cars, then you will still need them to decelerate if they're turning, rather than just crossing.

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