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Submission + - Why does Slashdot block posting with Tor?->

matthew_t_west writes: "Tor's website states that Slashdot blocks posting using a Tor exit relay IP. If you allow posting by "Anonymous Cowards," why don't you allow people to try and do it fairly anonymously? Tor's site alludes to "anonymous jerks messing with its web pages," but nothing in particular. Have there been abuses of posting anonymously?"
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Submission + - Rape Trial by Facebook->

matthew_t_west writes: "A vigilante group of students at Lewis & Clark College of Portland, OR decided to take a sexual assault into their own hands by creating a group on Facebook. The group, "Morgan Shaw-Fox is a Piece of !^&% Rapist," was created as a means to bring the alleged rapist to justice. Is bringing someone to justice the job of peers, the institution, the media, or the law?"
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Submission + - Portland's Municipal WiFi Tested Independantly

matthew_t_west writes: "The City of Portland released a report of findings earlier in May about their newly launched Municipal WiFi provided by MetroFi. More interestingly, Unwire PDX Watch has posted findings of their test of the same network. Will Portland's Municipal WiFi succeed? Not with 90% extended availability it won't."

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