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Comment: HUD First Please (Score 1) 102

I think a true heads-up display on a windshield would be much more useful than Glass. Plus it could be ensured on a true HUD, you are only seeing what you want to see (i.e. - car stats, speed, highlighted roadway/signs, etc.). I've been thinking of making one myself since there doesn't seem to be a good DIY version out on the webs. Please correct me if I'm wrong!

Comment: Re:Just The Tip (Score 1) 473

by matthew_t_west (#43149977) Attached to: Facebook Knows If You're Gay, Use Drugs, Or Are a Republican

I completely agree. It's easier to aggregate who a person is through a centralized hub of activity in their life. In this example, it's Facebook. Don't think that a credit card company or bank won't give up that information. We are being profiled constantly. Right now it's just to scrape money, but who knows? The data is there, why not use it? "C'mon, it's there. We don't want terrorism do we? It's so easy to find terrorists now with all this data. So let's use it!"

Quite on topic, I deleted my Facebook account two days ago due issues like this. When I tell people, they ask, "Oh, you just deactivated it right? You'll be back." When I tell them, I went out and "deleted" my account, they sorta freak out. I remind them we have things like phones and e-mail. They can contact me directly.

I've also gone more to spending cash than using a debit card these days. Sure, I'll use it at a grocery store or an ATM, but no longer will I be announcing to my bank that I go out drinking on certain nights or that I purchase items from Gary's Discount Firearms or whatever.

Comment: Dunthorpe? (Score 1) 460

by matthew_t_west (#41601457) Attached to: Linus Torvalds Will Answer Your Questions

Hi Linus,

Thank you for all the work you have done on the Linux kernel. As a CS major, I loved working with Linux and owe a lot of my learning experience to getting Slackware to work well on my first machine.

I have a question that's not specifically about Linux, more about life. So, one of my coworkers is Finnish (which is apparently a close-knit community in Portland) and she mentioned that you have a place in Dunthorpe.

Why did you choose to live in an exclusive community of estates rather than near Intel or in downtown? Do you feel that it segregates you from the Portland community at large? Do you care? How are your neighbors?




Comment: Re:USternet (Score 1) 203

by matthew_t_west (#41404335) Attached to: UK's 'Unallocated' IPv4 Block Actually In Use, Not For Sale

I manage a college's network and we have a class B. Right now, we probably only use 30%, but with the growth of mobile devices, we are using more and more addresses. Each building has at least a class C for wired and a class C for wireless. It used to be, two buildings could share a class B. There's about 40 buildings, with 80 switches, 3 routers, 300+ access points, 100s of printers... Yeah, addresses get eaten up pretty quick.


Comment: Brewing Implications (Score 1) 61

by matthew_t_west (#37986776) Attached to: Computer-Controlled Cyborg Yeast

Wow. This has some implications for the craft/homebrew yeast companies. Control over reproduction rate and when it occurs at a more granular level... Although this can be controlled by providing food and adequate temperature, this may be something they could use. I'm thinking of these types of businesses:

Oh, and Left Coast Represent!

Comment: Re:The laid off weren't just in non-core businesse (Score 1) 138

by matthew_t_west (#37410018) Attached to: Cisco Emerges From Restructuring 13,000 Employees Lighter

No wonder all my TAC support calls are handled by Indians. Not that I've every had a problem, but I just wondered why. I thought they were routing calls overseas, not having H1-B workers in the US. Granted, this is motivated by profit, but you think an American company like Cisco would be interested in helping our own economy by hiring local... You know with this 10-15% unemployment issue could be handled better if we didn't just approve more H1-Bs to come over and take our high tech jobs. *frowns*


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