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Comment Re:As a tinfoil hat-smith (Score 2) 120 120

Agreed; I RTFA in order to learn something about the patterns for broadcasting, reflecting, and cancelling out of these waves. Instead, the images were created by someone who has less of a clue about radio waves than even I do, and they didn't even try to visualize anything even remotely close to reality.

TLDR: Ooh, pretty colors.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 2) 121 121

Sometimes a person is perfectly fine with buying and using a toaster instead of buying and using a whole oven.

The same goes for tablets; for casual surfing or communications, a slower, smaller tablet is fine for many people. Those who have tasks that require more CPU power will, of course, purchase different tablets more suitable for those types of tasks. But those uses don't' negate the value of cheap, "lightweight" tablets for other users' uses.

Comment Re:Decade long dearth of any good television? (Score 1) 312 312

While your plan may be admirable to many, I fail to see how you can expect people to "get off the internet". The Internet is not a physical thing that people can climb onto and off of; it is a collection of logical 1s and 0s that have no tangible physical presence.

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