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Comment Hold on a minute... (Score 1) 35

Yeah, it sounds like the stuff of SciFi movies but if you check the research to date on detecting and identifying emotions via EEG, you'll see that even with big expensive medical grade EEG machines and headsets, they're having trouble identifying something as rudimentary as happy vs. sad. The paper the article is referencing is about detecting whether there is an emotional response or not, not what kind of emotional response. In short, it's some tech company trying to sell useless junk to new-agey types without a sufficiently well-developed bullshit detector. Do they think that gamers fall under that category?

Comment Re:An electric taxi that has appreicated in value. (Score 1) 111

Comparing those taxis to modern electric vehicles is ridiculous. Yes, they both are "electric", have wheels, and carry people for money, but that's pretty much where the similarity ends. Your feigned indignation is very transparent.

Your lack of sense of irony and humour is also very transparent.

Also, until recently, the UK had fleets of milk-floats; almost silent electric vehicles that delivered milk to everyone's doorstep every morning; and how long have we had electric trains and trams?

Antique taxis aside, the point is, electric vehicles are nothing new. We're just being sold the idea that they're something modern and innovative by Tesla, Google, Nissan, et al.

Comment US public education is on the way out... (Score 1) 117

How many educational specialists, developmental psychologist, or educational scientists will get a seat in any of the policy making decisions? It seems like a few billionaire geeks suddenly become experts in education for... what, exactly? What's their expertise in education?

How about we get those bilionaire geeks to decide Congress' and the Senate's dentistry and medical healthcare policies and practices? How about Silicon Valley disrupt our leaders' pension funds and their social services and then everyone else can decide if they want to vote for some of that disruption for themselves?

Comment Re:Try GWX Control Panel & Spybot Anti-Beacon (Score 3, Informative) 720

I previously tried changing registry settings and removing all traces of GWX entries and files manually. It worked but Microsoft changed them back and reinstalled GWX a few days later :(

The latest version of GWX Control Panel can startup on boot and run in the background (appears in the system tray) and detects whenever GWX changes settings on your machine. It's been working for me on Win7 for a few weeks now but I hardly ever boot into the Windows partition any more (got dual boot). :)

It's a short-term solution. Longer-term, I've gotta switch over completely to Linux but still need to run a few legacy Windows compatible only apps.

Comment Re:Opening line... (Score 1) 184

What they really mean is that they're losing control of the narrative on the interweb and want to know how they can control it the same way they do in printed and broadcast media.

You rarely, if ever, see any super-rich and powerful people getting embarrassed on state and corporate controlled media (unless they're taking pot-shots at each other). The internet's another story and they hate it.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 138

If, instead, the law only banned the actual abuse of children, rather than thought crime, there could be a legal market that would drive out most of the material involving actual harm to children.

AFAIK, the FBI can't prosecute US citizens for thought crimes. If they had a lawful warrant and prosecuted people for criminal behaviour, i.e. passing on the products of criminal acts (against children), then I don't see any problem with what they're doing. This is an actual case of the FBI doing what they're supposed to do instead of going after political dissidents and whistle blowers. We should be praising these actions, not criticising them.

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