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Submission + - 25 Most Influential Techs for Mac Community->

masumph writes: MacTech has released the results from their annual "MacTech 25". While there are some repeats from last year, there are a number of new folks and the list has more developers since last year. The list is derived from public voting, and MacTech internal staff and Apple employees are not eligible. The full list and article are published in the June issue and are also online as of today.
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Submission + - Apple Patents Cell Phone Software to Reduce Drops

MikeyTheK writes: Over at CNN, they announced that Apple was awarded a patent to reduce dropped cell phone calls. One of the reasons why cell calls drop is that the interference from other radios in the phone (e.g. GPS) and the impact of devices attached to the phone. Apple's software purportedly will reduce or eliminate that problem.

Submission + - EFF-An Update on the Innards of iTunes Plus Files

sehlat writes: The Electronic Frontier Foundation has been investigating the innards of iTunes-plus files. Last week, they reported on additional information apparently contained in the tracks over and above the music content itself.

This week they have published an update on their findings. Some of the mystery information appears to be cover art. However, they do mention:

While there are no watermarks, there are some other interesting fields that are likley to have privacy implications. In particular, there is a 1024 bit variant field labeled sign and a 630 byte variant field labeled chtb. These are unique for every combination of user and track we've seen. Neither of these fields existed in the FairPlay DRMed .m4p tracks that Apple has been selling in the past.

Submission + - VBA to AppleScript Transition Guide

masumph writes: With VBA going away in the next version of Microsoft Office for Mac, those of us with VBA macros need to start moving scripts to AppleScript. MacTech created a "150-page" transition guide that was part of one of their print issues, but now the entire thing is online for free. PDF and print copies are apparently available as well. This content covers VBA to AppleScript examples in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Entourage never had VBA support, but there's a chapter on AppleScripting it in the guide.

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