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Comment: Re:Salaries (Score 1) 886

by masteva (#40158549) Attached to: IT Positions Some of the Toughest Jobs To Fill In US

In a nutshell, he said that all of the applicants either had zero relevant experience

I remember going through this when I first finished university. I couldn't get the relevant experience as no one wanted to hire me. When I tried to get the relevant experience through self taught means, it meant jack squat to the companies as it didn't have some job title / company name next to it so they didn't care. I feel bad for all the new grads these days as I think they are in the same boat.

Comment: They are INFORMATION officers! (Score 1) 269

by masteva (#39725065) Attached to: CIOs Dismissed As Techies Without Business Savvy By CEOs

If you want business information, get your business analysts on the phone and ask them what is up. The CIO is there to keep your tech going strong with the company interests at heart, NOT to run the business with some tech input on the side. Gotta love the CEO perspective on things!

Comment: Per account??? (Score 5, Insightful) 371

by masteva (#39526085) Attached to: PlayStation 4 'Orbis' Rumors: AMD Hardware, Hostile To Used Games

Wow, this will cause an uproar with families I would think!

Example: Buy game for 2+ children, but each child has own account as they don't want to have their saves touched / overwritten. Find out that game can only be used on child(a) account. Child(b) cries foul, wants his own saves and doesn't want to share etc. Fight breaks out as parent can't game to work on child(b) account.

Now I don't think this will be extremely COMMON to be honest, but I could certainly see some backlash from it! I don't like having other people in the house using my account to play games, as I fear that someone would accidentally mess up my saves etc. I'm sure a self entitled child will throw complete fits over it.

Comment: This seems plausible (Score 2, Interesting) 63

by masteva (#39362469) Attached to: Playing With Friends Makes You a Better Gamer
I've noticed while playing TF2 with some people who don't chat or speak during the game that they just... adapt. They know when you want that uber charge, they know when to sap the sentry, they know where they are needed. Granted this is with people I play with often and not new players, but it's rather neat seeing how they just seem to fit in where they need to without instruction, therefor, a better gamer.

Comment: EVERYTHING is dying (Score 0) 309

by masteva (#39350863) Attached to: The Consoles Are Dying, Says Developer
This is REALLY getting old. Seems like everyday I'm seeing an article or some video claiming that "THIS OLD TECH / THING IS DYING!!! FEAR ME AND GIVE ME MONEY!!!" This is being blown WAY out of proportion! Yes, demographics are changing but I don't see the death of consoles anytime soon. What I'm seeing is people who normally would never look at an xbox as it is to them a "kids toy" is people playing games on social networks because "Hey, if my 30 year old friend plays this and lets the world know then it's ok for me to play this too!". It's simply a shift in social norms to me. While I fully admit to being a PC gamer for the most part (a good console RPG will still pull me away), I do not think the console is simply going to disappear. As long as it's a solid device that can deliver solid graphics and gameplay and NOT need to be upgraded (like a PC), there will always be a spot for a gaming console.

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