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Comment Re:Nintento Light Gun (Score 1) 210

Nintendo resolution is 256x240 and something like 25 colors. I don't remember if we had 640x480 or 800x600 and probably a 256 color palette. Higher resolution sprites + backgrounds can easily eat up 640k. Yes, we could have done some optimizations. Also, sound that wasn't just some random memory location.

Comment Nintento Light Gun (Score 4, Interesting) 210

Reverse engineered the Nintendo light gun (with the help of patents, purchased by snail mail, this was 1997). Soldered some wires to the inside of the Nintendo, connected them to the computer parallel port. Two of my friends and I wrote a Duck Hunt type game for DOS, just fitting under 640KB.

Comment Nothing (Score 1) 247

Tell them once. That's as good as you can do. I've had my email address compromised from a well known financial institution. Of course the person I spoke to didn't know anything about it or why it was their fault. Two years later they publicly admitted they were hacked.
I find that a lot of leaked addresses are from failed companies, whose websites no longer exist.
There are many websites out there that are compromised. You would be quite surprised. I wish there was an easy way to post these so others could know.

Comment Purchase (Score 1) 375

I purchased this book at Borders some years ago. I had to order it, as they didn't have it in stock. The first time the order came in, they gave me "The Anarch Cookbook" Turns out it's not the same thing. It's quite an amusing read. I'm not sure there's actually one piece of useful information in there.

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