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Submission + - NVidia's new GTX 970 and GTX 980 Graphics Cards 1

masterfpt writes: Hothardware has a great article about the new NVidia GTX900 series cards, out today: "NVIDIA has lifted the embargo on its latest flagship graphics cards based on its Maxwell architecture, the GeForce GTX 980 and GTX 970. The two cards are somewhat similar and share the same 4GB frame buffer and GM204 GPU, but the GTX 970’s GPU is clocked a bit lower and features fewer active SMs and CUDA cores. The GeForce GTX 980’s GM204 GPU has all of its functional blocks enabled and is the full implementation of the chip, however." — Spoiler alert: The 980 is like a less power-hungry 780ti, so no big improvements in this new 900 series.

Submission + - Megaupload Co-Founder Released On Bail (

masterfpt writes: is running the following article: "The co-founder of Megaupload has been freed on bail by a judge in New Zealand. Mathias Ortmann will be the subject of strict conditions including no Internet access. The US will now rely on a United Nations treaty to extradite the Mega team. Separately, it was revealed that the FBI remotely monitored last month’s raids and congratulated New Zealand police on their work."

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