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Submission + - NVidia's new GTX 970 and GTX 980 Graphics Cards 1

masterfpt writes: Hothardware has a great article about the new NVidia GTX900 series cards, out today: "NVIDIA has lifted the embargo on its latest flagship graphics cards based on its Maxwell architecture, the GeForce GTX 980 and GTX 970. The two cards are somewhat similar and share the same 4GB frame buffer and GM204 GPU, but the GTX 970’s GPU is clocked a bit lower and features fewer active SMs and CUDA cores. The GeForce GTX 980’s GM204 GPU has all of its functional blocks enabled and is the full implementation of the chip, however." — Spoiler alert: The 980 is like a less power-hungry 780ti, so no big improvements in this new 900 series.

Comment Pardon?! (Score 1) 62

Isn't a "pardon" implying he did something wrong? I'm not British, but I feel the word "pardon" means someone did something bad and was forgiven... Shouldn't it read "Turing received a posthumous royal Apology"? Ah, but royalty is "never wrong", right? ;o)

Comment Sleepy (Score -1) 139

Still these kind of "news"?! Why would anyone want to read this?... Let scientists experiment, prototype and prove this. That is news! Speculation about what they "think" will come up in the next few years? - I prefer to read SF, or some of those futurologists... It's the same thing, but at least you know you are reading speculations.

Comment Re:They are even dumber than they seem. (Score 1) 936

I attended one of "these" schools (for a brief period). I was brainwashed and they really got me confused for a while. I was very lucky that my parents moved and I could be raised as a normal - think for yourself - kid.

I can't understand how these people do that to their OWN children. I am really sorry for them. Fundamentalists should never be allowed to raise children. Social security should take these "caged for life" young human beings from these fundamentalists. That's why the world is evolving so slowly. These children are forced to believe that, if they don't believe in it, they will be punished by a bitter/vindictive god. They are controlled by fear, as I used to be.

Then they become adults and continue to believe in these fairy tales like nessy (hopefully not many will believe this one because it's just ridiculous), that two specimen of every species would fit inside a boat (from penguins to kangaroos), that we are all descendents of Adam and Eve (even omitting the genetic problem, there's no other way than incest; and should be a sin), that god had to rest after creating the world (I never understood why he needed to rest. An all powerful entity needs to rest?), and so many other completely ridiculous tales, that you are allowed to make slaves, that a vindictive god called for the death of defenseless little children in Egypt, and so on... I remember that, when I questioned any of these things, I was told I was an idiot blasphemer and until I "embraced" the truth of god I would never be "forgiven".

I do petty these children. I know what I suffered. Please make this torture stop.

These children will propagate indefinitely the hatred for science, perpetuating these myths and truth, in an attempt to prove to themselves and others they are the ones right, doesn't matter how obvious reality proves to be. That's how hard it is...

Submission + - Megaupload Co-Founder Released On Bail (

masterfpt writes: is running the following article: "The co-founder of Megaupload has been freed on bail by a judge in New Zealand. Mathias Ortmann will be the subject of strict conditions including no Internet access. The US will now rely on a United Nations treaty to extradite the Mega team. Separately, it was revealed that the FBI remotely monitored last month’s raids and congratulated New Zealand police on their work."
User Journal

Journal Journal: Megaupload Co-Founder Released On Bail

The co-founder of Megaupload has been freed on bail by a judge in New Zealand. Mathias Ortmann will be the subject of strict conditions including no Internet access. The US will now rely on a United Nations treaty to extradite the Mega team. Separately, it was revealed that the FBI remotely monitored last monthâ(TM)s raids and congratulated New Zealand police on their work.

Taken from

Comment Terrorists (Score 2) 253

The American Mafia that is terrorising the other (EU, and then some) countries (bribing, black-mailing, pressuring, whatever) should be arrested by "your" patriot act and sent to guatanamo. They are a menace not only to the life of every American, as to the whole world.

I never thought that my generation would ever get the world to this state. Seems we were a bad batch... "I don't want to live in this world anymore..."

Comment Hmmm... (Score 1) 376

"Environmentally friendly" is BS. I saw a documentary a few months ago, about the conditions that underage kids live and are forced to work, in Congo and other African countries, to mine needed compounds for the mobile/xPads companies. It's disgusting how big companies continue to ignore that problem, and to lie to customers about where they get their so needed stones...

...For "something completely different": I also like to write some side notes on the books I own. I like to highlight important parts that I will, most likely, be searching for again. Unless you can edit the content of the eBook and are allowed to make notes, highlights and the occasional devil horns and mustache, the whole experience is not yet attainable.

Also there should be a converter from the eBooks you might have already purchased for other platform. I HATE that every time some new gadget/format appears and replaces previous ones, you have to pay the same or even more for the same thing. In relation to vhs/dvd/br I understand because it had to be remastered, digitized, bla, bla, but with something as simple as a book? - There's no justification, it's just pure greed.

Comment Move on?! (Score 1) 168

The last sentence from TFA is really funny "Then you can move on with your life.'"

I never had a facebook page (and believe never will). How will I be able to move on with my life?!... Ahhhhrrgggg...

I don't keep in touch with people just because we used to share the same classroom 20 years ago... Some are my close friends, others just a memory of the past and I like it like that. And get off my lawn!

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