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Comment Re:That's OK (Score 1) 85

You say that like it doesn't apply to other parties.I would say 1/2 the people I know are die hard to their party and would never ever vote for another party regardless what is done. I've always voted conservative, but this is the first time I am on the fence. My problem is I am sick and tired of Harper, but at the same time I really like the conservative candidate in our riding. He did a lot for our community this past couple years. So now I have do decide do I vote for what is best locally, or what is "best" for country (best in quotes because I honestly dont think liberal is going to do much better)

Comment Re:Trading one set of problems for another (Score 1) 842

Yeah I always hear people say "wouldn't it be great to win the lottery?".. Uh, I dont think it would be. Don't get me wrong I would love if all of a sudden 1 mil fell on my lap. Be enough to pay off my house, fill up my retirement account, open up some investment accounts, with plenty of play money left over. But it wouldn't be enough for me to quit my job.

I second your opinion that 100k/year would be a pretty sweet spot. Plenty to pay all your bills, go on a nice vacation once or twice a year, have some nice things, but you still need a budget.

Comment Re:automatically install firmware updates (Score 1) 278

No my grandmother is exactly like the OP. She is incredibly intelligent, witty, excellent problem solver, etc. But for some reason when it comes to tech her brain just turns off. She just doesn't want to be bothered. Even though she has used a computer pretty much daily for the past 20 years (she is an editor) even simple tasks like trying to figure out where she saved a document, how to add an attachment to email, or even how to turn on a computer, is difficult.

I think she just thinks it is too difficult to understand so she just doesn't even want to attempt to try to learn it. Give her some tools and she will have a non functional lawn mower motor working in no time. Give her some verbal math problem and she will figure it out faster in her head than you using a calculator. But hook up a cable receiver to a TV that has only 3 cables (one of them being the power cable)? Call the grandson!

Comment Re:I'm torn.... (Score 1) 663

yeah all those lose 10lbs in 2 weeks is water weight. People dont realize how much water weighs. 1 litre of water (~1/4 of a gal) is 1kg (2.2lbs). So you dehydrate yourself that is A LOT of weight you are temporary going to lose. Most of it willl be back within a day or two as you rehydrate.

I know when I started my diet I lost almost 20lbs in the first week. I was literally pissing every hour and a half for about three days straight. I was also having pure liquid shits 3-4 times per day for 3 days. I was seriously overbloated with so much excess water.

I eat significantly more carbs one day? Next day ill be up 1-2 lbs higher

Comment Re:I'm torn.... (Score 1) 663

you definitely do need diet. You don't need exercise at all. Of course it is good for health, but don't need it for weightloss.
People think diet means eating healthy. It doesn't. I lost 100lbs in 11 months eating shitty foods, eating out 3x per week. I just count how much calories I am eating and make sure I eat 1000 calories less per day than my body needs (I also do exercise though, but more because I want to be fit. I do want to start eating more nutritious foods soon though).

Comment Re:I'm torn.... (Score 1) 663

Of course people have different base metabolism rates (however the difference isn't as big as most people think), but that still doesnt change the fact that you cannot violate the laws of thermodynamics.

eating more calories than you need means gaining weight period. If your metabolism is 1500 calories/day and you eat 2000/day you will gain a lb a week. If the same weight body composition hajs a metabolism of 1700 and they eat same diet as first person they will gain 0.6lbs / week. So yes the first person will gain weight faster than the 2nd despite eating the same diet, and the second person would need to eat 2200 calories to gain at the same rate, but the rule of thermodynamics still applies.

Comment Re:I'm torn.... (Score 1) 663

Exercise is not irrelevant. Exercising once? sure irrelevant. Putting in a decent cardio workout 3x a week? It definitely adds up. Sure it is easier to eat a couple hundred calories less than to go out and run for 30 minutes (and that is assuming you don't eat anything extra because you ran).

I only eat back maybe 20% of my exercise calories. But I still run 100 minutes and 120 minutes of weight lifting per week since I also want to try to become fit and lose weight. Evenign eating back 20% of my calories the exercise produces an approximate 1/3lb per week in additional weightloss. Not a huge amount by any means, but definitely adds up after a couple months.

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