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Comment: Re:The older I get, the better I once was. (Score 2) 100

by master_kaos (#46767683) Attached to: Your <em>StarCraft II</em> Potential Peaked At Age 24

I have a friend who is one of the top players at the local chess club, he says he sometimes finds it harder to play against beginners since they don't actually play with any sort of strategy. It confirms what you are saying -- he doesn't even consider bad moves, so when he is trying to see 2 or 3 moves ahead he never factors in that the beginner would make such a stupid move that it throws off his game completely. He will still whoop the new players ass, but he finds mentally it's a harder game then someone who is just a little below his skill level.

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by master_kaos (#46756821) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: How Do You Pay Your Taxes?
I use both ($10-15) and studiotax (free). I find ufile more user friendly, and you only have to pay if you want to netfile. So what I do is fill out in both ufile and studio tax and make sure the numbers are the same, if not I look to see what I did differently and which one is wrong, once they both add up to the same, I submit through studiotax so I don't have to pay.

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It all boils down to $$$, for both the consumer AND manufacturer. I would love a Tesla, problem is, I also don't want to pay 1/3 of the cost of a house to get one. People say they don't build stuff like they used to, which of course is true, you look at a washing machine and there is a whole cockpit worth of buttons on it for options and configurations because people want it. I use the exact same cycle on my washer and dryer no matter what I am doing, the odd time I might use a second. I don't need 30 different cycles. My mom's 30 year old washer had 3 buttons (cold warm hot) and a dial for time, and it still running to this day with only 3 repairs. Of course the thing goes through 10x amount of water as a modern front facing one does. The dryer, also 30 years old (only repaired once), takes twice as long to dry (meaning twice as much electricity).

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I don't know about "Great linux integration" for dropbox, At work we have the business version working on our ubuntu fileserver and we are trying to sync 300k files. (eventually we want to replace this with a VPN but can't at the moment). Linux version crashes at least once a week, we even tried it on another ubuntu box and same issue. We reinstalled our fileserver with windows 7 and it has now been working solid for over a month with no crashes.

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I also love dropbox but the space they give you is not enough unless you are willing to pay. I use which has similar features to dropbox, with way more space. I would use dropbox in a second over copy if they had same amount (or even close to the same amount) of space for free, but since they dont ill stick to copy.

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Canada is even worse. We have winter driving for 3+ months out of the year yet no winter driving tests are mandatory. Fucking ridiculous. So many people don't realize that slamming on your brakes when you are about to lose control on an ice covered road is the WORST thing to do. Not only that but winter tires on sedans/SUVs should be mandatory. I know I'll never own a car again in winter months without winter tires in Canada.

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oh shut the fuck up. If someone offers you 2 billion dollars would you fucking refuse it? I know I sure as fuck wouldn't. He could personally refund all kickstarter backers 10x the amount they DONATED and still be laughing all the way to the bank, Is he being a sellout? Sure, but who can blame him when 2 billion dollars on the line.

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ok, But I wear size 15 shoes, and even in normal cars with regular shoes I sometimes accidentally hit gas when hitting brake (fairly rare though, maybe once a month). I NEVER wear boots specifically because of this reason. If I wore boots I'd have to be extremely careful.

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I have been using PHPStorm for years (from same company as IDEA) so I might be slightly biased, but when I started Android Develpment I used Eclipse for some reason becasue it seemed like the defacto standard for android development. I used it for a month and was incredibly frustrated. Eclipse seemed like something from 10 years ago, not a modern IDE, it was also running incredibly slow on my machine with a project that contained thousands of files. I then switched to Idea Community 12 and was more productive after 3 days than I was with eclipse after a month, although fair enough that my previous experience with PHPStorm helped a lot but even then their ide is simplier yet more powerful than eclipse.

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