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Ballmer Beaten by Spyware 501

Posted by Zonk
from the don't-tell-anecdotes-at-a-public-event dept.
Devil's BSD writes "At a Windows Vista reviewers conference, Microsoft platform president Jim Allchin told a rather amusing story about Steve Ballmer. Apparently, a friend asked him to rid his computer of the spyware and malware that had accumulated over the years. As the story goes, neither Ballmer nor Microsoft's top engineers could fix the infested computer. The article goes on to discuss and compare Microsoft's new security offering, Windows Live OneCare."

Comment: Re:What's the incentive to write a program for OS (Score 1) 521

by mashx (#15179846) Attached to: Run Windows Applications Natively in OS X?
Replication and compatability are very different things though. There are equivalent applications on the Mac of course, but these applications must not only be able to convert from Visio or Project format, but save in that format as well, because in most companies work is collaborative. Whilst there are no open formats, this is critical. If the equivalent software cannot work on documents produced by their coworkers using Visio or Project, and importantly vice versa, it's not a viable option. Corporate policy doesn't allow this to happen, regardless of whether someone is willing to expend all the extra time of dual-booting or virtualisation: (in general) corporate IT departments are not going to want to support it.

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