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Comment: Comment on this story. (Score 1) 166

by donnie Freyer (#46274539) Attached to: Why Improbable Things Really Aren't
Funny how people think that because we have sorted out a few complex puzzles of our reality, this should give us license to the rest. We are surrounded by things we won't ever be able to explain and the funniest part is that we can't even see most of this going on right in front of us. - The worst aspect of intelligence is being trapped by it

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donnie Freyer (2881319) writes "Unfortunately we can't ignite passion by trebucheting resources at the dragon."

Comment: Get with it Redmond. (Score 1) 180

by donnie Freyer (#44313925) Attached to: Why Microsoft Shouldn't Worry About Cannibalizing Their Userbases
Linux is free. Mountain Lion is $20 Mac Server is $20. Windows 8? $200.! I could see maybe $50 with deals for bulk but 2 C Notes for something that is a fist fight and outside the last 20 year built comfort zone people are used to... Nah. Way too hard a sell. Would be nice to either have a fresh and solid OS for the enterprise environment standard or simply another option all together.

Comment: Dings n@ (Score 1) 194

by donnie Freyer (#44283255) Attached to: I use a screen protector ...
Bought the iphone 5 after having all the other iPhones from jump street. Protected all of them with a new case and protector. This is the first time I decided to see how tough gorilla glass is and how long it would last unprotected. Four months in I have a few dings and scratches that I think could have been avoided with a protector:/ Now I know to get a protector because this science for glass just isn't there yet.

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